Dramatic Improvements at Biscayne Cove Condominium accomplished without assessment

(l-r) Representing Biscayne Cove Condominium Association: Victor Merced, General Manager; Lois Lax, Secretary, Board of Directors; Gladys Saltos, Director; Madeline Giardiello, President; Thelma Erlichstein, Vice President; Frank Palmisano, Chairman,

A determined board of directors have overseen some important changes at Biscayne Cove without raising maintenance fees, nor leveling any assessments.

“We’re now a modern gated community with new state-of-the-art security and a guardhouse that’s manned 24/7,” says Madeline Giardiello, board president for Biscayne Cove Condominium at 181st Street and Northeast 31st Court. “The landscaping looks absolutely beautiful thanks to our chairman of the landscaping committee Frank Palmisano.” Frank says, “the landscaping will be the pride of Biscayne Cove.”

Giardiello, who, along with her fellow board members, Thelma Erlichstein, Lois Lax, Oliver Gross and Gladys Saltos, are starting their 8th term, said the new vital changes at the Cove were the first in 30 years.

“It’s been that long since anyone made any attempt to undertake and complete such a major project,” she says. “It was time that the Cove, was made one of the premier Condo Associations in Aventura. We knew security had to be a priority.”

The Association got the majority of unit owners to vote for the project. The confidence that the unit owners had for this Board of Directors was shown by an almost unanimous vote. Thanks also, goes to the wonderful volunteers who participated in this project. “It was a big challenge,” Giardiello says, “but I’m a person who loves challenges. If you tell me we can’t do it, I’m going to find a way.”

And here’s the icing on the cake: smart planning and budgeting meant that residents didn’t have to contribute a penny, thanks to our budget chairman Oliver Gross and his committee, and General Manager Victor Merced. “Everyone is astounded that we did this without an assessment,” she says.

She emphasizes that the project, designed by architect Arturo Belkind of North Miami’s Salini Design, could not have come together without the cooperation and hard work of many people.

“We’ve taken Biscayne Cove and made it one of the most talked about properties in the area,” says Giardiello. “We’ve not only secured our safety; but our property values will increase.”

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3 Comments on "Dramatic Improvements at Biscayne Cove Condominium accomplished without assessment"

  1. Really "tenant"? We're owners and we actually pay the assements and the HOA fees. Someday when you have the money and a decent credit score maybe you can actually OWN your real estate instead of paying me rent! But I do love taking your money and making a profit month after month – thankfully there will always be renters out there to make me rich. Just make sure your check is on time and that it doesn't bounce – you can complain all you want as long as your check clears! The proof that the condo association is solid is that there was no assement and you can acutally finance a purchase in this building because the condo association is so solid (well YOU can finance- but people with good credit can).

    • WOW. I must say I am an Owner here as well. The condo association here is nonsense, the staff is not trust worthy and rude. This is not a community, I rent my apartment here out because residents, mainly owners like yourself ARE nosey and rude. Don't talk down to renters, maybe they are just starting out as I was once was. Nasty people who think they are better than others…such as yourself make me sick. Oh and by the way, you shouldnt assume this person has bad credit. I am positive my bank accout is larger than any amount you will ever see. Try being humble, wehy

  2. oh and by the way we arent saving any money. New carpets are great. But i want to donate a couch and have to pay 25.00 just to be allowed to move it.

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