Gain firm physique with ‘Nothing to Lose’ fitness plan

There are countless diet plans for weight loss – but for those who don’t have pounds to shed and just want to gain a more firm, toned physique, a “Nothing to Lose” fitness plan combining healthy eating with resistance training can really help tighten anything too wiggly or jiggly!

There are many people who appear thin, but still carry around a high percentage of body fat around the waist, hips, and thighs. They have very little muscle, and a body mass comprised mostly of fat. Two main reasons why you can become “skinny fat” include dieting without exercising; not eating enough calories; and doing too much cardio and not enough – if any – weight training.

A “Nothing to Lose” fitness plan starts with filling up your grocery cart with lean proteins (chicken or turkey breast, egg whites, Greek yogurt); low-glycemic carbs (whole grains, oatmeal, brown rice, sweet potatoes); fruits, vegetables and healthy fats (wild salmon, flaxseed, avocados, nut butters) – then prepare to eat frequently! If you eat too few calories while dieting, and you aren’t working out, your body will start to lose muscle but hold onto fat.

If you don’t consume enough calories, the body’s starvation mechanisms kick in, and starts to shed muscle while holding on to fat reserves for energy. Many people think the secret to a great body is eating less—but actually eating more frequently (five or six healthy meals and snacks every three to four hours) can keep your metabolism revving, increase energy, keep insulin levels constant and support the quest to get your best body at any age.

Following a “Nothing to Lose” fitness plan also means gaining more knowledge about common cardio vs. weight training misconceptions. Many people often step up cardiovascular exercises to stay in shape – but for firming and toning, weight training is the only way to get arms you’ll want to bare; gravity defying glutes; and thighs that won’t make you want to close your eyes in dressing rooms!

Many women are hesitant to start weight training programs because they’re afraid of becoming too bulky – but according to The American College of Sports Medicine, women generally have too much estrogen in their bodies to build large muscles.

Efficient resistance training exercises for targeting common trouble spots include oblique crunches to tighten abdominals; walking lunges and squats to tone legs and glutes; and cable rope pressdowns or dumbbell kickbacks to firm up triceps. Body weight exercises including lunges, squats and pushups can also be performed at home with no fitness equipment or gym memberships required.

Here’s another reason why to make a “firm” decision to start weight training: An average adult who lifts weights can gain almost two pounds of muscle and lose about four pounds of fat within two months. For example, let’s take two women who weigh the same, but one has a higher percentage of body fat. Female # 1 – 120 pounds, 30% body fat; Female # 2 – 120 pounds, 15% body fat – why? Because Female #2 is eating right, plus she cut back on cardio and started doing more weight training.

So if gaining a firmer physique is your goal, try the “Nothing to Lose” fitness plan – proven to “turn flab into fab!”

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