Has Aventura Turnberry Jewish Center “Gone Hollywood”?

Dr. Amir Baron with Cinematographer Eduardo Montes-Bradley and Crew Cameraman Cesare Salerno

For those in the know, there is a bona fide film production in the works right here in our own backyard. “The Celebration”, a documentary film by international cinematographer/ biographer Eduardo Montes-Bradley, commemorating the 20th anniversary of Aventura Turnberry Jewish Center will be premiered on January 15, 2011 at the Temple gala. Much excitement is already brewing about appearances in the film by local community leaders William Landa, Don Soffer, Elaine Adler, and Mayor Susan Gottlieb to mention a few.

With a nod to showbiz, there are no pix free of anecdotes. When Aventura’s finest surrounded Montes-Bradley at the gates of ATJC while he was aiming a telescopic lens at the dome, he was quick to respond without hesitation “Just let me shoot the Temple before the sun goes down”! Heaven forbid that the magic hour enhancing the Temple should be missed.

Helicopter fly-overs, rolling camera trolleys, make up sessions, one-on-one consultations with the film crew, off the cuff stories and more were all part of the mise-en-scene. With their turn due in the spotlight, the ingénue “stars” expressed nervousness in front of the camera. After just a few minutes, Montes-Bradley had everyone relaxed and recounting great stories about their commitment and involvement in the City and in the Center. We even heard the now famous story of Don Soffer, penciling in the plans for the yet to be founded City of Aventura on the back of a napkin.

Temple President Laurence Herrup lived vicariously through the various stages of production and editing while Dr. Amir Baron, executive director of ATJC calmed every ruffled feather. For Montes-Bradley, who has worked with diplomats, writers and prominent individuals, the experience was summed up as “a unique opportunity to depict the soul of a city planned on a napkin, and the soul of Aventura is, no doubt in my mind, the ATJC”.

For information about Eduardo Montes- Bradley and the ATJC premiere, contact Carole Pumpian at 305-761-6536 or info@CPumpianPR.com

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