Holiday Magic and Miracles

Patricia C. Frank

One of the reasons that the Holidays are so special is how they make you feel. They touch something very basic deep inside of you. They allow you to experience the wonder of magic and miracles. They are stimulating, inspiring and exciting. They raise your expectations. It is very important to anticipate and expect wonderful things to happen. The Holidays also foster hope and trust and generosity. They carry the promise of fulfillment and joy. They encourage you to express your desires. Children and adults wish for gifts and they receive them. The holidays are a time that reinforces and proves that wishes and dreams do come true. They solidify the belief that a pure heart and good behavior are rewarded.

The holidays are the perfect time to instill and renew these feelings in children and adults alike. These feelings are truly wonderful gifts to give. The gifts of anticipation, faith, hope, trust, optimism and generosity will last a lifetime. The earlier you learn to give the more rewarding your life will be. Giving and receiving graciously are the essence of the holidays.

There is an art to giving. It is something that should be learned and understood and practiced. You need to open your heart and to give from your heart with appreciation and gratitude. If you can, do not just give material things try to give spiritual things as well. Give with a genuine desire to make the other person feel happy, important, valuable and cherished. Create magic and miracles and joy for others and you will also experience a part of that magic and joy yourself.

There is a special joy and delight that comes from giving and helping others realize their dreams and desires. These are indeed the real gifts of the season. These are the gifts I would like to give to you and yours. May you experience all the joys of magic and miracles during the Holiday Season and throughout the year.

Patricia Frank is a Licensed Psychotherapist. She can be reached at 305-788-4864, 212-308-0309.

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