‘Is it Constitutional?’

With Supreme Court rulings in the news, some residents may be starting to wonder if certain aspects of “life in the city” could create constitutional debates like these:

Pay the Valet: While valet service is certainly one of the perks of luxurious condo living, the fairness of arbitrary guest parking fees is debatable – especially when it comes to extra charges for friends who overstay their welcome…Should this be considered a penalty – or a favor?

Price of Beauty: Lots of ladies would surely appreciate a Supreme Court ruling deeming it unconstitutional for frequently scheduled salon services like manicures, pedicures, blowouts and highlights to add up to more than college tuition – requiring loans with sky-high interest rates to pay off the “price of beauty.”

Coffee Cap? While some coffee stores claim periodic price increases are necessary due to rising costs, some coffee lovers feel these hikes are “grounds” for litigation. But then there are others who argue it’s a small price to pay for the favor of standing on a long line and trying to figure out how to say your order right so you’re not charged more for a venti skinny iced mocha-caramel no whip “whatever” when all you really wanted was coffee with some extra packets of Splenda to take home.

Sugar Ban? Some would argue New York Mayor Bloomberg’s initiative to ban the sale of jumbo-size sugary beverages is an infringement on constitutional rights – especially practitioners who know they won’t be able to get thinner Americans to keep coming in for costly cosmetic procedures and extreme diet programs. But savvy consumers aren’t worried about a big, sugary beverage ban since they know they can always still buy plenty of smaller size servings!

Vacation Days: Mandating employers to provide vacation days for employees is yet another controversial “Is it constitutional?” question – but fortunately, here in Aventura it probably won’t be an issue up for debate since every day feels like a vacation day when you’re enjoying life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in the City of Excellence!

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