Man in the Country Song

Stereotypes come in all forms. Even with music. I can’t tell you how often I get a blank stare when I tell folks I like country music.

The other day, while listening to my local country music station 99.9, Kiss Country, it hit me… I would like a man like many of those characterized in country songs!

No…NOT the dude who goes out with his dirty boots on. Not the guy who fishes all day only to ignore his woman when and IF he comes home. Not the guy who drinks himself under the bar only to stagger home to his faithful old dog RATHER than a woman.


I want a man like the one who says he’ll do what he has to do to win you over; the man who says he would feed your dreams and starve your fears. (Over, by Blake Shelton)

The man who tells his son to pray and to honor his family.

The man who reminds himself to listen to the voices of his mother, father and grandparents reminding him to be an honest, kind, loving and true and who keeps his word. (I Hear Voices, Chris Young)

The man who stands and looks in the mirror asking God to make him a better man for the woman in his life. (The Man I Want to Be, also Chris Young)

The man who takes his woman out on dates but can’t wait to get her home and get her out of her black dress (Getting’ You Home, also by Chris Young)

I absolutely LOVE hearing Darius Rucker remind us that every bad relationship paves the way for the one that makes your heart pound and your knees go weak because it leads you to where you are supposed to be (This, Darius Rucker).

Hearing Billy Currington croon about falling so hard for his woman he’s almost fearful, singing…”You’re looking like an angel lying on a blanket with a halo of hair…once I taste that kiss, I know what’ll happen I’ll be at the mercy of you…” Do these guys truly exist or are they figments of our country music imagination?

Well, I’m going to believe they are out there. I’m also just crazy enough to believe that somehow, someway, I am going to be a presenter at the CMA awards! Anything is possible – right?

A multiple Emmy-Award winning Anchor and Reporter, Julia Yarbough is a national blogger, motivational speaker, emcee/hostess, entrepreneur, travel writer and health & fitness enthusiast. Follow Julia’s reality-blog at To have Julia appear at your next event, contact

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