Manifesting Your Destiny: Does it Work?

Julia Yarbough

How often have you questioned the random events which take place in your life? I have always believed those chance occurances are not chance at all but rather, The Universe working in perfect order to help all us to change, grow and expand our awareness of the world around us.

Lately, it seems most everything happening to and/or around me has an interconnective quality guiding me to the next phase. The most recent incident would be almost spooky, except I fully believe everything happens for a reason. Here’s how it went down…

So the other night I met up with a girlfriend who I haven’t seen in several years. It’s truly quite pathetic that we haven’t visited, given we live about 10 minutes apart. But like so many working professionals, we let the demands of life get in the way of personal connections.

My friend is single, no children, well-educated, fit and attractive and she says most weeks, dateless. We came together to catch up – NOT to discuss relationships, but somehow the conversation turned that direction. She was lamenting her dateless status and not meeting men she considered eligible, attractive and still physically fit in her age range; late 40’s to early 50’s.

“Maybe I should take a ski trip and go to Montanta,” she sighed. “I hear there are plenty of eligible single men in that state and it’s beautiful! I would like to go skiing there again.”

With a huge grin I replied, “OMG – I LOVE Montana! You’re right, it’s beautiful. During my travels it was one of my favorite states. You know they call it MANTANA, right? Because of all the single men?”

We both laughed and chatted more about our respective experiences in Montana. A few hours of storytelling later I returned home and went to bed with an image in my mind of visiting an expansive Montana ranch, clear blue skies, awe-inspiring scenery and a thought: maybe my Mr. Right is in Montana?

Then, in that funny way The Universe works… the NEXT morning I got a phone call. From Montana! ABozeman-based company was interested in signing me on to a video-production project which will take me to Nairobi, Kenya then back to Montana for post-production! Wow, how cool is that?

Of course, I said YES! What an amazing and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Now, you tell me – are you manifesting YOUR destiny?

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