Party-goers earn $500 discount when booking unique Brazilian Rain Forest adventure

FLIERThere is a once-in a-lifetime journey being planned that takes adventurers into the heart of the Amazon Rain Forest of Brazil. Join with expedition organizers on Aug. 30, 6:30 – 8:30 p.m., to learn more about this exciting upcoming excursion — at Brazil’s Kayapo Tribe Cocktail Party and Fundraiser event in an authentic local Brazilian venue.

The fun-filled preview party is being held in the Boteco Brazilian Restaurant with free admission at 916 NE 79th St in Miami. In fact, if you’ve never tasted Brazil’s most famous cocktail, this is your chance to try a traditional Caipirinha — complimentary for the first 35 guests. Also, enjoy appetizers, an awesome silent auction and raffle items.

Celebrate and get excited about this unique rain forest journey that’s set for Oct. 23 – 31, 2017. During the trip, participants will meet and live with the Kayapos for seven days and become familiar with well-known social environment projects.

Party-goers are also getting excited about the amazing limited-time offer: Booking your trip at Wednesday’s fundraiser event triggers an immediate $500 discount.

So consider joining Earth Lion Expeditions and Climbing Horizons for this special one-week experience. Participants will live among the Kayapo Tribe and take in every aspect of the indigenous way of life, while learning directly from the people of this region about medicinal plants, hunting in the forest, rain forest ecology, and their unique customs.

The Kayapo are recognized for their successful environmental stewardship and commitment to preventing deforestation by miners and developers. Travelers will have an unprecedented opportunity to experience the Amazon in its pristine state – far from the tourist trails. This is an adventure few people have ever had the chance to experience, as the Kayapo have had extremely limited contact with the outside world.

Participants will live among the Kayapó Tribe and experience their indigenous way of life.

Participants will live among the Kayapó Tribe and experience their indigenous way of life.

Kayapo are committed to preventing deforestation by miners and developers. This unique ecotourism adventure will take place Oct. 23-31, 2017, with proceeds going to support much-needed conservation funds for the Associação Floresta Protegida. This organization assists the Brazilian Kayapo tribe in protecting their lands from the pressures of development.

Earth Lion Expeditions is a Coral Gables-based adventure tourism operator that seeks to offer meaningful sustainable travel that exposes the heart and soul of the destination. Climbing Horizons, a Hollywood based 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit organization, supports Grass Roots development projects in countries such as Belize, Peru, and Brazil.

For more information on the trip, call 786-350-3462. Also contact Carolin Lusby (Climbing Horizons) or Alison Klapper León (Earth Lion Expeditions). For trip description and deposit, visit

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