022Speaking of dessert, is the moment after each meal one comes with the desire to savor the delicious closing time of the day or night.

We’re talking about a place where the best combination of recipes, from those that are written in the books of their grandmothers, more that they’ve learned over time, have made two talented entrepreneurs pool their knowledge and good taste to create Praline Pastries, I’m talking about Frida Getzel and Denisse Guenoun, who makes some years ago working independently at home doing these wonders of pastries.

Frida is a catering expert, making the delicious petite doux real works of art, Denisse is the expert on cakes and cookies with flavor and unique presentation, took the decision to start a business where joining forces and knowledge, came from two years ago being preferred for all those special occasions such as Baptisms, Bar Mitzvah, First Communion, Weddings and parties in general, are chosen by the public that does not change the preference, as they have earned the trust of them and provide good taste in dessert.

Praline Pastries continues to grow in many ways, improving the quality of their product presentation, I could see for example in packaging Brownies and Cookies where labels include Nutrition Facts and other important information that any product intended for human consumption must have.

Frida and Denisse are committed to conquer the market in general, being Praline Pastries a Kosher Bakery, however reaches all type of general public, that is why these great entrepreneurs have had the vision of having an open option for all taste, it is the secret to reach a larger number of people and the one who walk through the door of Praline Pastries, definitely will return soon.

Praline Pastries is located at 2691 NE 203 St. Unit #4 Aventura, FL. 33180, to place orders you may call 305-454-9687.

Wishing you all the success and the company continues to grow with its own flavor thanks to the deserved and impeccable work that Frida and Denisse are doing.


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