Reading between the lines

Am I the only person out there who will read the same novel several times? I’ll find a good read, enjoy the story, then several years later, read it – AGAIN.

I recently carried out this somewhat odd pattern during a cross-country flight from Los Angeles to South Florida. I’ll set the scene to say I had traveled to The City of Angels…to Hollywood, because of my Highway to a Husband life journey. Turns out, thousands of blog fans and followers aren’t the only ones who can relate to the very real predicament faced by thousands of single men and women around the country. My story (and subsequent public sharing of such) seem to have all the makings of a TVshow. I am proud to say Highway to a Husband is now – as they say in the business – IN DEVELOPMENT for a proposed reality show based on my journey. Wow!

So as my head was about to implode from the information discussed in a round of Los Angeles/Hollywood producer meetings, I boarded my plane feeling as if my usable brain matter was instead, a bowl of soggy cotton balls. In-flight work was out of the question. I decided to grab a book. As I stepped into a bookstore, it was as if an invisible force had already decided what I would read. I found myself standing in front of several novels by Tom Robbins. A quirky, tell-it-like-it-is author who quite often pokes fun at the sometimes seemingly insane structure and guidelines of modern society, my sense of humor is drawn to Robbins. For some reason, my hand instantly went to a novel I had previously read many years ago, JITTERBUG PERFUME. It’s the story of a man who is determined to defy death. To chart his own course in life. To step outside the norms and customs of his time and assert his individuality. The lead character is an adventurer, a man who questions most everything around him; a man who suffers great losses, but also reaps great rewards because he is willing to risk everything. Hmmm…I can relate.

I chuckled at the irony of my choosing this book – AGAIN. Had the lead character’s journey made a subliminal imprint on me the first time around? Was a fictional character in some way responsible for me believing I could create my own destiny? I couldn’t help but wonder… who out there might be leaving a mark on me? Let me know; I would love to hear from you!

A multiple Emmy Award winning Anchor and Reporter, Julia Yarbough is a national blogger, motivational speaker, hostess, travel addict and health & fitness enthusiast. To follow Julia’s quirky new reality of life as she continues to navigate the sometimes rocky road of relationships, check out Julia can be reached at for press and booking inquiries.

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