Reap What you Sow

By Shari Lynn Rothstein-Kramer….

Shari Lynn Rothstein-Kramer

From the time I as a little girl, I was always fascinated with things that grow that you can eat. Think about it – you plant a seed, you water it, it grows, flowers, and then you pick it and eat it.

Sounds so elementary, but oh my god! It’s so awesome.

And with that said, I have started gardening. Yes, I live on the 10th floor of a high-rise in Aventura, but where there’s a will there is a way. I took small pots and began growing herbs. I purchased baby basil – Italian and Opal, rosemary, chives, parsley, mint, and catnip for my two favorite felines. I was thinking, “Well, I’ve never been able to grow anything before, but let’s give it a shot.”

Fast forward one month – my herbs are growing like wildfire! I had to get bigger pots and more soil, and the best of all – I had homegrown herbs to cook with! I was so excited about the progress that I bought more. I added curly and Thai basil, a fig tree, blackberry and raspberry bushes. Again – more success. Everything continued to grow and I found my 10th floor terrace turning into a beautiful, edible jungle.

The one thing I want to grow more than anything is tomatoes. They are my favorite fruit – I eat them every day, and with everything I can. I spoke to the owner off the nursery, the man who started me on this wonderful adventure and he said that it was a bit early to grow tomatoes, however, if kept out of the sun, it would be possible to make it work. I couldn’t resist. I bought four regular tomato plants – and one heirloom.

Again, I brought teem home, planted them, and after one week, I could see the difference. They were noticeably bigger.  You can only imagine my excitement as I replanted them into 5-gallon pots.

In my world, there is nothing more exciting than being able to eat something you grow. And this is like heaven. Not only can you smell the beauty and freshness with just a tousle of the plant, but after picking basil leaves and adding them to sauces, fish, salads, meat and the like – there is no better flavor.

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