Rocking Horse Ride

Patricia C. Frank

A rocking horse is a horse mounted on curved bars on which you can rock by moving gently to and fro. Because of its design, you can maintain that motion indefinitely. It is most often a toy for children. However, many adults are still riding their rocking horse.

Some people never get off. Every day, they are expending a great deal of energy, riding and riding but they never get anywhere. They never arrive at their destination. It gives them the sensation of motion and the feeling that they are moving forward and going someplace but they are not.

How can you tell if you are still on your rocking horse? Are there any markers in your life that you are passing? Have you experienced any growth in any area; spiritual, psychological, emotional or physical? Have you received any promotions or pay increases or received any commendations or awards? Have you improved your relationships? Are you helping others? If you are still in the same place as when you started you could be on a rocking horse. If you think you are moving but you have not gotten anywhere, you could be on a rocking horse. If you have not reached your goals or fulfilled your dreams then you probably are on your rocking horse.

No matter how fast or how hard you rock you will not change anything. You have to be pro-active if you want to get somewhere. Reevaluate every aspect of your life. Set some achievable goals. Get Organized. Develop some skills. Read or listen to a CD to educate yourself. Prepare yourself. Visualize yourself in your new situation. Eventually, you may want to get off. Put some wheels on your horse or install a motor and get going.

Rocking can be comforting and pleasant. You might not have any motivation to change things. You might be content with things as they are and that is permissible. There are no rules of living that you have to follow.

Patricia Frank is a Licensed Psychotherapist. She can be reached at 305-788-4864.

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