Summer Fitness Tip

By Bari Auerbach….
Now that it’s getting so hot outside, it’s time to start thinking about some innovative ways to stay fit without overheating, dehydrating or succumbing to the temptation to just stay home and eat ice cream!

* Go to the mall: Since Aventura Mall keeps expanding, you could easily spend all day burning calories by walking around to see all the new stores. Just pick up the pace a bit and you can even wear your i- Pod for more momentum! If you’re really serious about fitness, you might even opt to park your own car and go the extra distance instead of using the valet service. But before you leave, don’t forget to pass by Equinox Fitness Club at the mall and wave to all the people exerting themselves. With all the shopping bags you’ll be carrying, your biceps will probably be getting a much better workout!.

* Go to the movies: Some of the summer blockbusters can really get your heart rate up or make you shake a lot with uncontrollable laughter – so there won’t be any need to do cardio at all!

* Go buy a bathing suit: There’s nothing like the fluorescent lights in a dressing room to make you swear to start a new diet. And if you’re trying on bathing suits, odds are you’ll hurry home to throw out everything in the fridge except for the egg whites and mustard. The good news is by the time you’ve lost a few pounds that expensive bathing suit you really wanted will probably be on sale!

* Go on vacation: When you go on a trip, you can get away from all the diet sabotaging temptations at home and around the office. Just don’t indulge in too many pina coladas and reserve a room without a minbar. If you get a really bad craving for something sweet late at night, make sure you don’t get caught stealing all the chocolates from under the pillows of other guests’ rooms!

* Go outside: All you have to do is stand outside around high noon for a while and you’ll lose plenty of water weight without even having to join a gym to use the sauna! If you want the pounds to come off even faster, roll yourself up in some saran wrap and dine al fresco by frying an egg on the sidewalk (with nonfat cooking spray, of course!)

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