Supporting children’s welfare through technology

Supporting children’s welfare through technology

Zsolt Szederkenyi

Supporting the well-being of children is one of the most important and noble missions one may follow. A new school program, ‘All For One, One For All’ does exactly that. This program supports children from low-income families by connecting them with businesses that donate products or services to them. But what technology is needed to keep the connection alive, and make it all possible? “Operation of the program is unimaginable without proper technology,” says Michael Leitman, CEO of One For All, All For One. “We always knew we needed a system that supports us by connecting the participants and automates as many human tasks as possible. That’s how we chose xFLOWer workflow system. This software can do exactly what we need.”

“Becoming part of the program was really uplifting for us” says Zsolt Szederkenyi, CEO of xFLOWer Inc. “In our 20-year history of workflow development, we faced many challenges, and resolved most. This was the case with ‘All For One, One For All’ — we provided a system no other vendor could, and set it up exactly as Michael imagined. We automated many tasks through sophisticated process management technology and enabled the connection between participants: children, schools, businesses. We are proud to be a part of this initiative and we hope that it will spread around the US, starting with Aventura.”

“We are proud to be the sponsor of the Aventura Marketing Council/Chamber of Commerce’s upcoming Student-Run Breakfast Meeting, so more companies and other organizations may become familiar with the program, ” says Szederkenyi.

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