Happenings in the City of Aventura

When school is not in session due to Teacher Planning Days, the City offers a day of fun-filled activities for children ages 5-14 from 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Aventura Community Recreation Center. The remaining TPD program schedule includes:

*Outta this World! on Friday, January 19 – Campers explore galaxies, get lost in space and discover life beyond planet Earth.

Makin’ Sense of Things on Friday, March 23 – Campers explore their five senses through sensory activities and crafts.

*Goin’ Green on Friday, April 20 – Campers learn various ways to reuse supplies to help protect the environment on Earth Day!

Carnaval on Friday, June 8 – Campers celebrate the beginning of summer by discovering what makes the Carnaval festival one of the most kaleidoscopic celebrations in the world!

*Note: The January 19th and April 20th dates do not follow Miami-Dade County Public School’s updated academic calendar, which excludes these days as Teacher Planning Days. Therefore, the TPD on those dates are available to only students whose school is not in session.

Each program fee includes all activities, supplies and lunch at a rate of $43 for residents and $52 for non-residents. Registration can be completed online at cityofaventura.com/ors, the City’s Online Registration System (ORS) or at any of the following facilities: Community Recreation Center (3375 NE 188 Street),

Founders Park (3105 NE 190 Street), and Waterways Park (3301 NE 213 Street). New registrations are accepted in person only.

New Year Membership Special

Aventura announces the Community Recreation Center’s New Year, New You membership special for current and new members from Tuesday, January 2 through Friday, February 3. The Community Recreation Center encourages a productive, recreational and healthy lifestyle to start the New Year! Purchase a one-year membership and receive a complimentary membership for an additional year.
Community Recreation Center members enjoy a variety of benefits including an indoor basketball and volleyball court; a technical and fitness center with a waterfront view; free classes, yoga, body sculpting, bridge, and mahjong, as well as a host of other classes and activities for all ages.

Membership registration is accepted in person only at the Community Recreation Center, Founders Park and Waterways Park.

Visit cityofaventura.com.

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