The Doctor

Dan Palmer

Dr. John is annoyed at his ex wife to be. He considers himself the best around for marriage. After all, he was a doctor, which is the perfect dream of all women: to be married to a doctor. He married Kate and expected her family to come up with the money to get him started. Kate also delivered the two children that he felt gave him solidity. This because “I’m a doctor.”

He had his criteria for his life. His hours were long so his family life had to fit in his meals on time. The children given 15 minutes each, then… out of the way so he could relax. Dinner always at 6:30 p.m. unless he was delayed. Sex every Wednesday or Friday at 9:30 p.m. and didn’t care to be disturbed after.

To her credit Kate went along for five years, then she decided that she wanted to go back to school to get her masters. Dr. John didn’t like the idea but couldn’t complain since breakfasts and dinner were always on time, kids off to school and back home on time, dinner on time and even the sex was on time. However he felt that she was doing too much on her own and not respecting him. Even his new young nurse fussed over him more than Kate did. She treated him the way he should be treated. He told Kate that he wanted her to stop going to school and properly take care of him instead. After she insisted on continuing then he wanted her out of the house so he could find someone else. He was a “doctor.” To his surprise Kate laughed at him packed up his clothes and told him her attorney would call but for now to get out of her house which her parents had bought in her name.

Dr. John was upset but his attorney told him that he had to go. Found a nice apartment and was more upset when his adoring nurse refused to move in with him and then she quit. Dr. John isn’t too worried by all this. He knows it will all work out for him… after all, he is a “doctor.”

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