The Facts

Dan Palmer

Al was married to Cindy for 14 years with two daughters aged 11 and 13. His job as a cosmetic rep had him on the road about two weeks of the month. As a result he had some extra activities going on. Unfortunately on one of them he ran into one of Cindy’s friends with the woman of the hour. When he returned home, Mindy was there waiting for an explanation. He played it straight and said it had happened but it would not happen again.

It didn’t work because Mindy felt that the one he told her about wasn’t the only one. She decided that the marriage was now in limbo and she wanted him out of the house while she considered her options. She told him that he’d better get a large apartment because if he wanted to see his daughters he had to have space for them. After a few months his older daughter called and told him that she wanted to live with him because her mother really had changed and she felt she wanted to be with her father. Two weeks later the younger daughter wanted to be with her sister and moved in also. He also needed a live-in-woman to help care for the daughters when he was out working. The divorce was messy because Mindy wanted the house and she expected and got alimony but he could keep the daughters, since she wasn’t working and he could take better care of them.

He now had his daughters, an all-time-maid and housekeeper and found that he needed to work twice as hard to keep things in perspective plus dealing with the daughters, who were ready to do battle with him on any aspect of bringing them up.

He finds his life full of changing moods of the girls which he can’t quite figure out. He can’t talk to Mindy because she has decided to sell their house that she got in the divorce, and is now involved with her divorce attorney and is planning a trip to Europe… and then who knows.

He can’t quite figure out how he got so messed up. He also knows that he’ll never ever get married again. With his situation, where would he have the time?

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