Time to take the test

Patricia C. Frank

There is a test that you should take every now and then to make sure you and your life are on the right track. There is nothing worse than having an “ah ha” moment when it is too late to change or fix something. “Ah ha” becomes “Oh no”. It is important to live your life with clarity and insight. Insight is the ability to understand hidden truths. It is the ability to perceive things in a sensitive manner. Insight can illuminate the past and it can prepare you for and propel you into the future. Anticipating the future is very important to make the most of the present. If you anticipate something then you can deal with the situation before it happens. You can preempt and intercept something. Anticipating allows you to prepare for what is coming.

Here is the test. Write the answers to these questions;
I am
I need
I want
I have
I did
I like ( about myself) what I am proud of in my life .

I will (what I will do in the future.) Ask yourself, “What would I do if I knew I was dying almost immediately? What have I accomplished while I was here? What have I contributed? How have I made the world a better place by my presence? Did I make a difference? What will be my legacy? How will I be remembered? Did I take enough time to enjoy and appreciate the beauty and joys of life?

Understandably, many people will not want to take this test. It is thought– provoking and perhaps anxiety–producing. It is certainly appropriate at the beginning of the New Year. But, it should not be limited to once a year. This test will give you clarity, truth, perception and perspective. It will give you the opportunity to see, understand and change things in your life and make them different or better. Hopefully, it will enlighten, empower and inspire you.

Patricia Frank is a Licensed Psychotherapist. She can be reached at 305-788-4864, 212-308-0309.

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