Training and technology keeps Marksman ahead of the pack

With literally hundreds of security guard companies registered in the South Florida area, how does one separate themselves from the rest? With a steady growth rate averaging two new properties a month, Marksman has no doubt found a formula for success.

When projects like the Beach Club in Hallandale Beach were looking to upgrade their security, they were looking for a company who, not only provided top notch personnel that could contribute to their image, but a company that was also on the leading edge of training and technology. This particular community has a commitment to provide security to over 2,000 residents and is located beach front where potential security breaches are at an elevated risk.

Marksman’s extensive training in CCTV and the use of handheld web-based information devices earned the winning spot during their extensive RFP process. In addition, with clients like the seven Trump branded buildings in Dade and Broward County, these particular residents are paying a premium not only for customer service to that contributes to an increased lifestyle, but the safety and security of their family.

In an effort to simplify record keeping and increase vital communications, Marksman Security met with several technology partners and custom designed several different handheld devices for the Security Rovers to use, which vary according to the size and security needs of each property.

Marksman is able to track their guard’s activity in real time from their operations center through GPS and barcode technology and know instantly when their officers are making their scheduled rounds. In addition any incidents are reported instantly through email with automated reporting including instant photographs. This system has virtually eliminated the need for hand written reporting and all parties are notified instantly of any concerns.

Marksman also entered into relationships with municipalities such as the Miami Police Department, who are providing Marksman with Anti-Terrorism Training classes, certified by the Department of Homeland Security. Marksman Officers are well versed in the nationwide “See Something, Say Something” campaign also administered by the Department of Homeland Security and promoted by agencies like Miami- Dade Police.

This level of protection combined with our “concierge” approach to front desk management and state-of-the-art technology makes for a well-rounded service offering both an elevated level of protection and outstanding customer service and assurance.

For more information on Marksman Security, please contact Benton Launerts at 954-964-6704 x303 or email

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