Wandering & Pondering Early Riser

They had been good friends for over a year. Could talk about everything without upsetting one another. All this time they actually avoided anything in the physical or bed-bit. They wanted to get to know each other before trying anything else. After about a year they decided that maybe it would be time to to try living together just to see how it went with maybe a future.

He was an early riser just full of energy from the minute he got out of bed. Unfortunately she was a late riser and it took quite a while for her to even feel civilized at getting up ready to go in the early morning. No talking, no nothing until her brain felt that it was time to face the morning and its problems. If anything it was “Watch out buster” on any attempt at action as she was waking up.

He of course was not aware of this part of her and started out by making coffee for them both. He brought her a cup sat down beside her, extended the cup with a great big ”Good morning, what a beautiful day for us to get going.”

Her mind was still groping with her sleep. No mood for anything but to cut off this unholy cheery voice at this unearthly hour. She pushed out blindly trying to cut off this unearthly sound. “Can’t you see I’m trying to get up, why all that damn noise?” She swung wildly and knocked the coffee into his bathrobe.

She walked back into the bedroom where he was sitting staring at the mess on his bathrobe. Put her arms around him and whispered, “Good morning,” he pushed her away, “You messed up my new bathrobe… You’ve killed my day, who do you think you are?” screaming as she yelled. End of conversation… and end, end, end.

The moral is the early bird might carch the worm. But if he deals with a late riser, he might end up being the worm.

That is a problem.

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