Wandering & Pondering – Figures

Morty is a great businessman with one lousy habit… He is a gambler and thinks he is good but his bookies just love him. In fact he is their model loser. He always has bet and the bookies salivate. He’ll bet on anything and can only remember the few bets he has won. All others don’t count.

His one helpful thing is that his love is the daughter of the head man of a syndicate in Vegas. They carry his bets and look carefully at what he bets on. He watches the opening odds and puts down his bets. He’ll lose 19 out of 20 bets but only remembers the one he hit on.

For awhile his credit was up and down as the bookies watched his money to make sure that he stayed within his means. He paid up but sometimes it took awhile and that didn’t help his credit with the bookies. At one point there was a discussion as to how to deal with him when he was slow to pay off his losses.

Actually his girl friend did the peading on his behalf with her father who was one of the heads of the betting syndicate but also it’s main enforcer.

Something had to be done. At that point one of the accountants of the syndicate figured out that the syndicate could make an asset out of Morty and the picks he made. He had to promise to bet only through Morty’s girlfriend’s syndicate and had to bet at the very beginning of the week’s opening odds.

They knew Morty is the perfect betting foil for any odds of that week. What his girl friend makes him do is bet against any bet he feel is a winner. She feels that with his thinking she’ll make enough money to build them a house on what she calls, “wrong way Morty and his bets.” His future father in law the “syndicate boss” feels he has a perfect system to hedge all bets because he knows Morty’s bets are Morty losers.

Morty watches all this and he silently laughs at them all. He knows he’ll make them all look stupid.

Probably the next bet or two maybe tomorow or next month, the big win is going to come along and when it does he’ll show them how smart he is.

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