Wandering & Pondering-The Housekeeper

She was married at 20 and quickly had two daughters. Spent their growing up years trying to take care of them with a husband that liked using her as a punching bag. After 23 years of this and with the daughters having moved out and setting up their own lives, she decided to get a divorce. Was happy with her decision and soon was involved with an old school friend.

Only problem was he had multiple sclerosis. He needed taking care of which was all she had done anyway and she decided to marry him. As far as she knew it was a continuation of taking care of someone but one that wasn’t abusive as her husband had been. According to her ex husband that was all she was capable of doing.

Hubby #2 stayed alive for five years. When he died her brother in law suggested that since she was used to taking care of growing kids or sick people, he would pay her to take care of his mother in law who was quite ill. This lasted three years and the mother in law died. The day after she died the brother in law told her that that was the finish for him and good luck in the future.

Now here she was completely alone with, no real self-esteem unable to talk with anyone since she had no background with anyone aside from relatives who really weren’t interested in her unless they were sick. She needed a job but who would hire her?

She was only comfortable around sick people. She finally got up the nerve to take a job selling products on the phone. Much to her surprise dealing with just a voice turned out to be great for her. She could talk very well and she couldn’t be seen. Once she made a few sales her whole sense of importance and self-esteem just bloomed. Her employers love her, she is no longer afraid to talk to people and recently she got the greatest compliment of all. Her daughters have been calling her for advice on how to deal with their spouses and children.What better boost than that?

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1 Comment on "Wandering & Pondering-The Housekeeper"

  1. I hope she realizes that she is an angel on Earth for taking care all those years of many sick or young people.
    It's wonderful that she has found a good place in life and I'm glad some great karma has turned up in her life.
    She sounds like a tremendous person.
    Thank you for this story. It will make others become better people

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