Who’s your Lawyer?

Stephanie Ducheine

It seems like the airwaves are constantly bombarded with lawyer advertisements, but how do you really know if the lawyer is qualified to handle your case.

“Research, research, research,” says attorney Stephanie Ducheine of Florida Insurance Advocates, a private law firm. If you or a loved one has a serious injury or dispute with an insurance company, it pays to take time to research the firm’s qualifications – to look for things like: Whether they have taken cases to trial. Whether the attorneys are considered by other lawyers to be leaders in the field. Whether the firm has the staff and resources to see your case through to the end.

Ducheine answers these important questions with a resounding “Yes!” “I know with our firm we go out of our way to put our credentials right up front on our fladvocates.com cite as we believe that it shows that we stand out from every other ‘call me now’ ads that you see on TV.”

“How many other places right here in town can you find a law firm that has: The President of the Haitian Lawyer’s Association, the President of the North Dade Bar Association, three past local bar presidents, the author of the state’s leading textbook on auto insurance no-fault law, the author of West’s worker’s compensation insurance law handbook, an insurance company chief counsel, and a Board Certified Appellate Attorney, all under one roof?”

Ducheine is one of the fifteen lawyers at the Florida Insurance Advocates law firm – which now boasts a staff of roughly 50 with offices in five cities. “Most of our attorneys began their careers working for the insurance industry or the state insurance commissioner. Having been on the other side, we understand how insurance companies think. We know our adversary and that helps us be better prepared to be your advocate against them,” says Ducheine. Whether you were injured in a car accident or are struggling to get an insurance company to pay water leak damage to your condominium, it’s essential that your advocate understand the ins and outs of the insurance system.

“Think of it this way,” Ducheine adds, “when you really ‘need help’ do you call a DJ on TV or do you research to find yourself a good lawyer?”

For more information, contact Stephanie Ducheine at 305-981-9055, 754-263-4252, Stephanie@lazegalaw.com or visit online at fladvocates.com

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