CrossFit Hardcore South taking Brickell CrossFit scene by storm

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Eduardo Caprile, owner of CrossFit Hardcore South, also is an actor on Spanish television.
Eduardo Caprile, owner of CrossFit Hardcore South, also is an actor on Spanish television.

CrossFit Hardcore South, also known as “The Brick,” is taking the Brickell Crossfit scene by storm.

The Brick is not your regular gym; it’s a box that challenges clients to push their limits and exceed their expectation. Upon entering the box, don’t expect to see the typical treadmills and weight machines to which you are accustomed. Instead thick ropes hanging from the ceiling, kettle bells and pull-up rings, greet you.

The Brick is in the heart of Brickell, making its location convenient for all who work and live around the area. The Brick instructors and owners aim to create a movement among those who live, work, play and now exercise in Brickell.

With the dynamic growth in Brickell, Crossfit Hardcore South sets out to not only create a workout people enjoy but an exercise community coordinating events with local high-rises, charity organizations and health conscious networks.

The workout will increase muscular strength, cardio respiratory endurance and flexibility, with its constant mix of aerobic exercise, gymnastics body weight training and Olympic weight lifting — all done at high intensity for small intervals of time.

“It’s the best workout for you because you train multiple muscles groups all at once using high intensity and since the workouts are constantly changing your body never gets a chance to adapt, thus avoiding the risk of hitting a plateau,” said owner Eduardo Caprile.

“The Brick is not only a box or a place to Crossfit, it’s a family. We’re all here to help you reach your goals. We want to push you and your body to its full potential and take it to the next level of fit and healthy.”

Caprile, a Spanish television actor, is no rookie when it comes to working out. Besides his love for acting, he has a passion for working out and living a healthy lifestyle, which is why he started CrossFit Hardcore South. Crossfit allows you to see results quickly when eating right and working out at least three times a week.

“Our image is a reflection of who we are. We aim to help our clients look good and feel healthy, giving them that extra boost of confidence to reach their fitness and personal goals,” Caprile said.

CrossFit Hardcore South, 151 SW Seventh St, is open Monday through Friday with classes beginning at 10 a.m. until 7:45 p.m., and Saturday 9 a.m. to noon. Learn more about CrossFit Hardcore South at <www.crossfithardcoresouth. com> or call 786-871-7877.

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