Ark Hospitality team gets a little sweeter with Chef Devin Braddock

Ark Hospitality team gets a little sweeter with Chef Devin Braddock

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Newly appointed Pastry Chef Devin Braddock joins the powerhouse culinary team that makes up Ark Hospitality Group.

Braddock was tapped to oversee the bread and pastry division for Ariete, Chug’s and Taurus Beer & Whiskey House.

Boasting an impressive resumé with more than 10 years of industry experience, Braddock embraces her newest venture working alongside celebrated Miami Chef Michel Beltran at his beloved Coconut Grove outposts.

After moving to Miami from Tampa to enroll at Johnson and Wales University in 2009, Chef Braddock quickly discovered that she would benefit more from hands-on experience that comes from being thrust into a busy kitchen. She shifted her focus and accepted her first pastry position at Sunny Isles Italian eatery Café L’attito and didn’t look back.

Soon after, Braddock relocated to Wynwood Kitchen and Bar, where she served as pastry chef for three years. She wore many different hats in this position, working her way through each role in the kitchen and familiarizing herself with the ins and outs of the industry. This was during the transformative period that Wynwood experienced, and Braddock was able to witness firsthand the birth of the burgeoning arts district we know it as today and the culinary strides that rippled in its wake.

In 2012, she accepted a role under the tutelage of James Beard-nominated pastry legend Hedy Goldsmith at Michael’s Genuine in the Design District.

“Under her guidance I learned the majority of what I know about pastry today. She taught me the basics of working in a restaurant and how to develop and execute a menu, while simultaneously honing in on my creativity,” Braddock said.

Moving forward, she accepted to the role of Pastry Chef de Partie at Alter under the esteemed culinary team of Brad and Soraya Kilgore. During her time there, she learned a wealth of knowledge about molecular gastronomy and gives credit to the talented duo for her newfound organizational skills.

Next, she ascended to the role of Corporate Executive Pastry Chef at Chef Daniel Serfer’s Miami concepts, Mignonette and Blue Collar. It was here that she was allowed full creative direction and quickly asserted her unique style into Serfer’s menus.

She became known and loved for creating dishes that convey a sense of childhood nostalgia for the more refined palate. The team then went on to create a pop-up ice cream shop called Tricycle where Braddock churned out intricately delicious confections like Opalys Stracciatella and Cranberry ice cream, Molten Brownie Batter cookies, and Café con Leche pie on a stick.

Now, Chef Devin Braddock announces her role working alongside one of Miami’s great young rising chefs, Michael Beltran.

“I’m excited to work with a team that really sees eye to eye with me on the passion, integrity and hard work that goes into making good food. With so much concentrated talent in one group, I’m excited to see what we can bring to the table.”

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