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Broadway playwright and performer, Rick Najera, celebrated for his  notable contributions to the world of theater, television and film, will debut his latest theatrical  production of Sweet 15 ¡Que Quinceañera!, a live, interactive comedy experience, April 4-28. 

Produced by Mero Mero Productions, Lavan Entertainment and Executive Producer Rodrigo  D’Escoto, the show will take place at Renaissance at the Gables, 2340 SW 32nd Ave, Miami, FL  33145 and will be performed in Spanish and English (Spanglish). Tickets and dinner packages are  now on sale and can be purchased at or via 

“Sweet 15 breaks the story wall between actors and the audience as part of a theater play that  represents a new generation of interactive theater,” said award-winning playwright Rick Najera,  who created, wrote, and directs the show. Najera is known for his nationally acclaimed, award winning show on Broadway, Latinologues, comedic monologues about life in America, which ran  for 137 performances at the then Helen Hayes Theatre. “With this show, we are bringing theater to  audiences who normally don’t go to theater but who value entertainment and comedy, and Miami  is the perfect place for this groundbreaking play.” 

Sweet 15 ¡Que Quinceañera! will star Rene Lavan (Christmas with the Kranks, Dirty Dancing:  Havana Nights, Latinologues on Broadway, Every Witch Way), Ruben Rabasa (Ant Man, Father of  the Bride, I Think You Should Leave, This is Us), Vanessa Lyon (Monday Nights at Seven), Lauren  Lopez (In the Heights, Westside Story, Titanic the Musical, Shrek) and Roberto Escobar (Bloodline,  El Señor de los Cielos). Special guests and more cast to be announced soon. 

Sweet 15 delves deep into the heart of a quinceañera celebration, a cherished Latina tradition that  marks a young girl’s transition into womanhood. However, in this comedic production, a joyous  rite of passage unfolds into a tale of unexpected (and literal) twists and turns, seven years late. The  play is a valentine for families (especially Latino families) and shows the power of forgiveness as a  father tries to win back his family after disappearing for seven years. Placed in an actual  quinceañera hall, audiences will experience the exciting thrills of this immersive quinceañera. This  Broadway-style extravaganza is set to be an unforgettable experience that will leave audiences  singing along and laughing out loud. 

Rick Najera’s Sweet 15 !Que Quinceañera!, is produced by Mero Mero Productions, Lavan  Entertainment and Executive Producer Rodrigo D’Escoto, and will debut April 4, 2024 and run  through April 28 at Renaissance at the Gables, 2340 SW 32nd Ave, Miami, FL 33145. The show is  performed in Spanglish (Spanish / English). Tickets are now on sale starting at $49 and can be  purchased at or via Group and student tickets  available. Inquire about sponsorship opportunities. 

About Rick Najera’s Sweet 15 ¡Que Quinceañera! 

Sweet 15 ¡Que Quinceañera! is the story of the Valderrama family as they prepare to celebrate their  daughter’s quinceañera. There’s only one problem – the quince is seven years late! Their story begins  when the patriarch of the family, Eddy returns home after a seven-year absence. He disappeared the  same year his daughter, Sonora, was turning 15. Now, seven years later, he returns and upon his  shocking return, he sets out to reunite with his estranged family under one condition; they allow him to  throw a quinceañera for Sonora, who is now 22 years old. Eddy tries desperately to create a special  night for Sonora, but unfortunately nothing goes as planned. Sweet 15 ¡Que Quinceañera! is a  dysfunctional family comedy production where audiences will witness the love of a father who would  do anything for his estranged daughter. This production is filled with music, singing, dancing, laughter  and impromptu audience participation, guaranteed to have its audience singing along and dancing  in their seats. The show can be found on Instagram and Facebook @sweet15show and hashtag  #sweet15show. For more information, visit 

About Rick Najera: 

Rick Najera is an award-winning playwright, screenwriter, and performer known for his  groundbreaking contributions to theater and film. With a career spanning decades, Najera has  consistently pushed the boundaries of storytelling and representation. His work is celebrated for its  ability to bridge cultural divides and illuminates the human experience in all its complexity. Najera’s  show Latinologues, after touring the nation, made its Broadway debut at the then Helen Hayes Theatre  and ran for 137 performances. Najera is repped by Daryn Simons at Cohesive Entertainment Group,  LLC. For more information, visit

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