Coconut Grove is now a safer, cleaner village


By Melissa Nobles….
In addition to focusing on events, the Coconut Grove BID has also spent more than $375,000 in much-needed upgrades. Benefitting the village’s public perception in a variety of categories, the BID conquered everything from security to sanitation to parking ease.

“It is very important for the BID to bring people to the Grove, and to leave them with such a positive experience that they will want to come back time and again,” Collins said.

In order to make this goal a reality, the BID knew that quick action was needed and drastic changes were necessary. So, that’s exactly what they did – they made people feel safe, comfortable and at ease while in the Village. With a turnaround time of only a year, success could be measured by the following improvements:


• More than 9,372 patrol hours by private security from Thursday-Sunday, since April 2009

• Over 19,000 scheduled private security “beat walks” and bicycle patrols throughout the District • More than 700 check-up’s by BID security guards at local merchants

• More than 2,460 additional hours of City police coverage within the District since November 2009

• Upgraded “white light” pedestrian lighting on 28 street lamps on Grand Ave., from Mary St. to Matilda St. for safer night-trips

• Conduit installation of 2,800 ft. of lighting for future up and down-lighting along Grand Ave, Commodore Plaza & Fuller St SANITATION AND PARKING

• Expanded sanitation services, beyond what the City provides, Wednesdays through Sundays (7 p.m. – 11 p.m.) and Saturday and Sunday mornings (6 a.m. to 10 a.m.)

• More than 3,919 additional sanitation hours provided by the BID

• Installation of 12 new, enhanced trash receptacles at strategic business sites

• Repair of potholes & pavers within the commercial core

• Removal of obsolete phone booths within District

• Installation of custom bicycle tandem bicycle racks within District

• Removal duplicate, cluttering “green” street signage

• Refurbishing and reinstallation of illuminated parking signs within District

• Development and printing of a “parking location map” showing 4,000 parking spaces

• Creation of after-hour parking access at the Post Office lot on Grand Ave. from Thursdays to Sundays And that’s just the beginning. The Coconut Grove BID has several plans for the upcoming year as it relates to improving operations around the business core. Have a question about the changes made? Want to comment or suggest something regarding the BID’s recent efforts? Please call (305) 461-5506 The BID welcomes all comments and concerns.

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