Corey Advertising Boosts Small Biz Websites for free

Corey Advertising will cover the basic advertising costs to boost website traffic for about 1,000 fellow Miami businesses 
Miami-based Corey Advertising has launched a platform that will send highly targeted website traffic to small businesses in Miami for free. Businesses that generate less than $10 million in revenue will be able to tap into the program, which could grow website traffic by as much as 10 percent.“Its heartbreaking. I can’t tell you how many phone calls I’ve been on with grown men crying,” said Christopher Corey, company co-founder. “With so many businesses needing exposure right now, we want to help. We encourage you to keep working hard and this crisis will be over soon.”

Corey said he’s already experienced a turn-around with business owners who feel hope once they start talking about growing traffic to their sites. So how does it work?

By automating the setup process of buying advertising in Google’s Display Network, the company’s owners, brothers Christopher and Brian Corey, are able to send the first surge of traffic to the websites. Then, Corey Advertising injects a small budget into the system at its cost to amplify the traffic. In total, about 1,000 small businesses will be able to participate. “Our goal is to give small businesses hope through engaging in a marketing effort.  Marketing is exciting, it brings the anticipation of new business,” said Christopher Corey.  “We want Miami businesses to start thinking about coming out of this pandemic with a positive outlook.”

Corey Advertising began its give-back on April 6 with free social media posts for small businesses. On April 10, it opened up free Search Engine Optimization links to Miami businesses.

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