Diversification and adaptation is key to growing retirement during COVID-19

David Treece

Expert advice on growing your finances during the pandemic is now a weekly segment called Queer Money Talks with David Treece on Q News Tonight every Monday. Q News Tonight is the first live LGBTQ daily evening news show available on YouTube.

Treece, a financial advisor with more than 30 years of experience, said with pride: “Even people not in the LGBTQ community love to get their news on this channel because it’s very entertaining and informative.”

Treece’s timely investment tips on Q News sprang from his free webinars every Tuesday. Those webinars, which are recorded and can be found at Treecefinancialgroup.com, are distributed through his partnership with the Lambda Living Program of Jewish Community Services. “On Q News Tonight and my free weekly webinars, I seek to give people hope that they can save their retirement money and even grow it for their specific needs,” explained Treece, a financial fiduciary. “The first step is to talk with the client and together choose a strategy that will give them peace of mind. That might mean selling their portfolio for cash, or leapfrogging from sinking stocks like hospitality to thriving categories like logistics, home delivery, and the like.”

Young investors have time to make up for losses, but older adults need a more timely strategy.

“Older adults need to act fast when the market is falling because they are either retired or entering retirement and can’t afford to lose a big chunk of their funds,” he said. “Additionally, many older adults are also retiring alone, with no additional source of revenue coming from a spouse or partner, so there is no cushion. They have to act carefully and quickly.”

You might be thinking as you read this that these groups are very different and Treece would agree with you and say “exactly”.  Treece, who launched Treece Financial Group in 2005, overhauled the company three years later in response to the recession. His focus then, as it is now, is on working with money managers who can identify problems in a portfolio and adjust to the opportunities in the market keeping in mind his clients’ priorities. From the start, his strategy has been to have a diverse staff and partners, which have generated more creativity and ideas for clients and the company overall. “We have recruited lots of different people from all over the world, who have helped grow the company,” Treece said. “The great thing is that clients have benefited most, seeing their investments grow and diversify, along with the staff.”

As Treece Financial Group is seeking to recruit young professionals as clients, it is millennial Robert Wroblewski who is co-leading the company’s launch of FiscaleFit, a free investment software bundle that Treece recently launched. Treece even moved up the launch date of FiscaleFit in response to calls from younger clients to have more say in investments, which is what FiscaleFit was designed to do.

Treece has also developed another product that is a combination of Facebook and Angie’s List for older adults. The community, which is set to launch soon, will allow community members to tap a wide variety of services that would address everything from mental health to jobs around the house to downsizing, and more. “We are only scratching the service of the type of financial advice and other services that the community is demanding and that we can offer to help them make the right financial decisions,” Treece said. “We are making sure that everyone we talk to has the opportunity to get the help they need with people they trust. What we have developed will be a benefit to our clients today and in the coming years.”

Treece is leading a trend in Florida, which is focused on adapting services to needs that overlap between groups. This approach has driven his rapid growth, which he hopes will be a beacon for other businesses to follow.

With nearly 30 years of experience, David Treece works as a fee-based investment advisor representative with a duty to act in a fiduciary capacity.

While always putting his client’s interests first, David derives his planning strategy at Treece Financial Group in part by applying the lessons learned from past market uncertainty and built-in market volatility. Rather than “wait” the market out, David works with clients to evaluate alternative, adaptive strategies that reduce risk and achieve their financial goals.


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