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euro dj open air lounge-minThe Cultural Center of Spain (CCEMiami) and the Consulates and Cultural Services of France, Germany and Italy present in the context of DWNTWN Art Days top European electronic music artists to perform at Microtheater Miami on September 9th, 3-7pm. There is free admission.

Get a taste of Europe’s contemporary music and city lifestyle, inspired by “Open Airs”, spontaneous summer gatherings with live sets of electronic music.


  • –  3pm Nicolas Visvikis
  • –  4:05pm: Corrado Rizza
  • –  5:10pm: Dürerstuben
  • –  6:15pm: Joris Delacroix



Spanish DJ – Nicolas Visvikis
Born in Valencia, from a very young age he began to participate as resident in the best clubs of his hometown.

Nico’s live performances are characterized by very work sets, own musical selection, taking advantage of the new technologies, the skill to implant the sampling and FX to all his performances, obtaining that way each session does not have limits and always having a connection with the public that never will leave anyone indifferent. In recent years, this passion and dedication for the

music, has lead him to visit as Dj, the best clubs in Spain and outside Europe. In Canada, he discovered how his sound fit perfectly with a crowd that vibrates like every Nico Visvikis mix. His first performances in North America have leaded him to return to visit these countries, with three continuous tours. Where we can highlight such important clubs as Footwork or Comfort Zone of Toronto and in Miami Clubs such as Space, Wall club, cub 50, electric pickle, Tree House, Station, and many other parties and after parties along with speaker box family and Un mute productions. Acquiring now in 2017 his residency with Secret Society performing in River Yatch Club at Soundtuary Party’s

Italian DJ – Corrado Rizza

Corrado Rizza is an Italian DJ and producer. He started his career in the beginning of 80’s, he worked as a DJ in the main clubs of Rome/Italy: Histeria, Gilda, Joy, Miraggio, Le Indie, etc..

In the 90’s he found Livexpress Production with Max and Frank Minoia and Wax Production/Lemon Records with Gino Woody Bianchi and Dom Scuteri. He did club hits such as Black Connection, Paradise Orchestra, Strings Of Love, Jam Machine, among others.

As a producer and remixer, he has collaborated with artists, DJs, as well as Italian and foreign musicians including Arthur Baker, Marshall Jefferson, Eric Kupper, Paul

Oakenfold, Victor Simonelli, Grant Nelson, Alex Gold, Joey Musaphia, Full Intention, Stella Browne, Mo Horizons, Mike Francis, Gazebo, Jerry Marotta, Black Box, Joy Salinas, Taka Boom, Desy Moore, Cheryl Nickerson, Joy Malcolm, Kevin Ettienne, Karen Jones, Jim Porto, Shannon, Joy Garrison, Orlando Jonhson, Dr. Felix, Jive, Kitchen Tools, Riccardo Cocciante, Edoardo Bennato, Scialpi, Lunapop, Zero Assoluto, Fiorello and Baldini.

His productions were included inside important compilations of big djs and Labels such as Pete Tong, Tony Humphries, Joey Negro, Judge Jules, Norman Jay, Ministry of Sound, FFRR, Renaissance, Cafe’ Mambo, etc… He has collaborated with Italian dance labels such as Hit Mania and Time. He had mixed and coordinated over 150 compilations, such as Hit Mania Dance, Eurodance and many more. He has written soundtracks as well as books: “Beatles Dolce Vita”, “Piper Generation” and “I love the Nightlife”, written with DJ Marco Trani.

Discography by Corrado Rizza at Social Media – Corrado Rizza

German DJs – Dürerstuben

The two young producers, David Hofmann and Till Gerloff, found their common ground in and around House music. It eventually led to the formation of Dürerstuben in early 2009.

Yet, their musical starting point was somewhere completely different. It was in 2007 when, in David’s small home studio, the two began working on Hip Hop beats and lyrics. They then lost touch with each other for a while, a time in which they both individually

discovered their love for the Berlin club culture and techno music. Based on this new-found shared interest, a reunion was inevitable and eventually led to what the two now call House.

Since, everything that has ever been of musical importance to Hofmann and Gerloff, has found its way into the distinct style of Dürerstuben. From the roots of modern twelve tone music over Claude Debussy, Keith Jarrett, Cy Coleman, Roger Troutman, Michael Jackson and Daft Punk, LTJ Bukem, The Whitest Boy Alive to the House and Disco of the 80’s and 90’s and of course the Techno of the first decade of the new millennium. All these influences contribute to Dürerstuben’s ambitious desire to create music with mood, soul and character. With this goal, the two friends have been producing pieces that move away and at other times towards musical mainstream, putting emphasis on the music’s ability to move people’s minds and bodies.

Aside from finding their own style, Dürerstuben have always been very keen on connecting with the live audiences during their live sets. Still today, Till and David draw a major portion of inspiration and fun from being part of the live atmosphere during a club night. The aspect of sharing their music and the ability of creating a completely new atmosphere plays a big role in how Dürerstuben work and function.

In this way of being inspired, new wonderful details constantly make their way into the soundscape and also the stage design of Dürerstuben. No matter what the future holds for the duo, you can bet it will not be monotonous. Regarding the origin of the name Dürerstuben, all speculations remain mere legends.

Communication and social media
Soundcloud : /dürerstuben, Facebook : /dürerstuben

French DJ – Joris Delacroix

French electronic music rising star Joris Delacroix, for the first time playing in Miami, will launch his single “Start the Engine”!

1998, a summer camp party is in full swing. A shy kid in a corner is watching all the others having fun. Suddenly Da Funk (Daft Punk) begins to play and a miracle happens: the girl he is secretly in love with comes over and asks him to dance. Joris Delacroix has discovered the power of the dancefloor!

Joris began to play the piano at a very early age. Then as a teenager, he dreamed of becoming Axl Rose before returning to his first passion: house music in the clubs of Montpellier in the South of France. To alleviate the boredom and seclusion of life in

his little village in the Gard region, he began to work on production. Finally, his music caught the ear of the resident DJ at the Bar Live, Greg Delon, who signed him to Nîmes label WOH Lab. His first success in 2011, Air France, attracted interest from Antoine Kraft, manager at Savoir Faire.

In 2014, Joris joined Universal before going on tour with The Avener, Feder and Synapson in 2015. A perfectionist honing his musical language, he returned to the piano and revised his classical composers – particularly Bach – in search of new harmonic inspiration. Today, the shy kid is running the label that discovered him, headhunting talent for Way Of House. His new album consummately bridges electronic trance and melodic poetry.

Single “Start the Engine”

With his first single, Start The Engine, and its video directed by Santiago & Mauricio and produced by Division – a furious ode to pariahs of every kind – Joris Delacroix conveys a powerful (and extremely autobiographical) message: fulfillment is not a question of context; don’t worry about what the majority think; trust in what you love. Shunning the cult of ego, the former shy kid takes refuge behind his music and a videogame avatar, now at one with his instruments. Superheroes are often just ordinary guys. Released on June 16th.

Video Clip:

French Touch and minimal techno have left their mark on Joris Delacroix, but he has clearly moved on with his new album – the third since he first went to WOH Lab in 2011 to make Romm With View. French Touch has left him with an affinity for sampling and beats with elastic kicks that suggest Alan Braxe, while minimal has given him a strong sense of outline and a fondness for prioritizing texture over mass. When he returned to the piano, he also immersed himself in the arcana of analogue synthesizers, experimenting with rough, accidental sounds on his Moog. These explorations led to a pop and are always shaped by a love of melody – we come across Synapson, the Montmartre duo and female singers Ornette, Findlay and Pauline Lopez (half of Part Time Friends).

Social Media jorisdelacroix

The venue of Joris Delacroix is made possible thanks to the support of French Embassy Cultural Services and the National Hotel Miami Beach.


This event was organized by the Cultural Center of Spain in Miami, the French Embassy Cultural Services, the Consulate General of Germany in Miami and the Dante Alighieri Society, with the support of Miami Downtown Development Authority and the National Hotel Miami Beach.

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