Get set for the January 17-19 production of ‘Macbeth’ at Barnacle

Macbeth will be presented over three nights at The Barnacle, Jan. 17-19.
As early as the 1890s, the Munroe family regularly hosted amateur Shakespeare plays – on the very same veranda where today’s productions are presented.

For those who enjoyed the past 10 years of free Shakespeare in the Park at The Barnacle Historic State Park, it’s time to get your Shakespeare on again, as the Florida Shakespeare Theater is set to present “Macbeth,” Jan 17-19, 2020.

This year’s production covers the month of January with three shows at the Barnacle Historic State Park. Macbeth is a dark tale of love, and the burning desire for power at any cost, told through the eyes of a couple bound together in their ambition for the Scottish throne. Driven by the prophesy of three witches, and the schemes of his wife, Macbeth kills his king, claims his throne, thus beginning a moral descent into a reign of terror.

Written sometime between 1605-1606, Macbeth is Shakespeare’s shortest but most beloved tragedy – it is a tragedy that also reveals the core of humanity in all of us.

There will be two evening shows, Friday and Saturday (Jan. 17-18, 8 p.m.); and one twilight performance on Sunday (Jan. 19, 6 p.m.).

Arrive early and spread out a blanket on the grass or sit back in low lawn chairs. Most seating is first come, first served, and premium spots fill up quickly. Rent lawn chairs for $5 each or call 305-442-6866 in advance for limited $40 VIP seating. Outside food and beverages are permitted, and snacks will be available for purchase from The Barnacle Society. In case of rain, the performance will be held at the Micco Pavilion.

There will be two evening shows, Friday and Saturday (Jan. 17-18, 8 p.m.); and one twilight performance on Sunday (Jan. 19, 6 p.m.).

“Macbeth is Shakespeare’s most accessible play,” said Colleen Stovall, artistic director. “With plenty of sword fighting, ghosts, witches and magic, the plot races along at breakneck speed to its final conclusion. Audiences have enjoyed this play for over 400 years and with Seth Trucks playing Macbeth, I know that south Florida audiences will love it too.”

Stovall’s work at the nonprofit is dedicated to promoting culture, a passion for the arts, and open access to the arts in Miami-Dade County – as well as to ensuring that all programming remains free and open to the public. She also serves on the Board of The Barnacle Historic State Park.

The first recorded production of the play was at the Globe Theater in London, in 1611, but most scholars feel that it was presented earlier to James I, the new King of England, who hailed from Scotland; as the play celebrates both King James’ rule which brought together England and Scotland, and memorialized James’ ancestor, Banquo.

Shakespeare also seemed to honor the crown by writing about the witches, or wyrd sisters, which was a fascination of James.​

Colleen Stovall, founder and producing artistic director of Florida Shakespeare Theatre.

The mission of The Florida Shakespeare Theater is to promote literacy, culture and a passion for the arts through free performances of the works of William Shakespeare.

The Cost of a family attending a cultural event together has become prohibitively expensive for the average family in America. Schools have cut arts programming and field trips to see live performances. Often, the first live theatrical production a family in South Florida attends is a free Shakespeare in the Park Event.

The Florida Shakespeare Theater’s goal is to produce professional productions of Shakespeare’s plays, and present them to the public in South Florida – free of charge.

Selected as a 2019 “In the Company of Women” awardee in the category of Arts and Entertainment, Colleen Stovall is Founder and Producing Artistic Director of Florida Shakespeare Theatre, founded as Shakespeare Miami in 2005.

Under her leadership, the company has grown to be nationally recognized and respected for providing unique opportunities for local actors to perform classical theater and hone their craft. Through her work, she has made great strides in getting people of all social, educational, and cultural backgrounds to experience the thrill of live theatre by combining it with her passion for public parks – to create Shakespeare in the Park.

Stovall has grown Florida Shakespeare Theatre from a local theater company performing in Coconut Grove’s Peacock Park to a month-long regional Shakespeare festival that provides free performances for more than 10,000 people a year at public park venues.

It’s time to get your Shakespeare on again, as The Barnacle Historic State Park hosts the 2020 presentation of “Macbeth,” Jan 17-19.

As early as the 1890s, the Munroe family regularly hosted amateur Shakespeare plays among themselves and their friends – on the same veranda of the main house where today’s productions continue to enthrall audiences from all across South Florida.

Situated on the shore of Biscayne Bay, The Barnacle was built in 1891 by Ralph Middleton Munroe as his primary residence. A seaman, civic activist, naturalist, and photographer, Munroe cherished the natural world around him – and in fact possessed a sizable library of Shakespeare’s plays in the library of the estate. His principal passion, however, was designing yachts. He also founded the Biscayne Bay Yacht Club, where he held the position of Commodore there for 22 years.

Today, The Barnacle Historic State Park is administered by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.

Events at park are sponsored and/or hosted by The Barnacle Society, Inc., a volunteer nonprofit, citizen-support organization created to generate public awareness, education – and financial support for the preservation and maintenance of estate, its boathouse, and beautiful grounds.

Throughout the year, The Barnacle Society presents activities and events including outdoor films, concerts, and myriad other family-fun and cultural events, including:

  • January 11 – Under the Moonlight Concert, featuring “Four Shillings Short;”
  • January 24 – Movies in the Park, featuring “Captain Marvel;”
  • February 22 – Washington’s Birthday Regatta; and
  • April 4 – Commodore’s Birthday Party.

The Barnacle Historic State Park is located at 3485 Main Hwy, Coconut Grove, FL 33133. For general park information, volunteer opportunities, or to become a Barnacle Society member, visit the Barnacle Society website or call 305-442-6866. Also visit The Florida State Parks website. For theater production information, contact Stovall via email at

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