Grant Miller visits FPL floating solar array at Miami International Airport

Grant Miller witnesses FPL and Miami-Dade County partner up to install the first floating solar project at Miami International Airport!

The floating solar array is comprised of more than 400 panels visible to millions of travelers that fly in and out of the airport, as well as to drivers along Florida State Road 836 West/Dolphin Expressway.

The installation is a little more than half an acre in size and will generate 160 kW of clean energy. This is enough to power more than 20 homes per year – the equivalent of saving 174 metric tons of carbon emissions annually.

Aside from generating clean energy, the array will double as a research facility to test the performance of solar panels on water – a cooler temperature than land.

This cutting-edge installation is part of FPL’s “30-by-30” plan, which pledges to bring 30 million solar panels to Florida by 2030, making the state a world leader in solar generation.

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  1. What is going to happen when we have another storm? Even a non hurricane category storm is going to blow those panels away easier than if were on land, unless FPL took that into account and have a plan for such an even. I like the solar energy alternative, but I am a bit concerned about putting those panels in the wanter. Oh, I know that the panel could blow away in land, but you can put a barrier to minimize the impact of the wind and the water in case of flooding.

  2. I wondered the same, even though the lake’s health is surely compromised already by the airport and nearby highways. Was there not sufficient room for the solar panels to be placed on the roof of all the airport terminals? This would seem to be a more efficient use of space.


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