Hampton Art Lovers Presents “Under a Simple Tree the Canopy Policy Project” at Green Space Miami through August 2024

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In collaboration with Green Space Miami, Hampton Art Lovers is thrilled to announce the unveiling of “Under a Simple Tree: The Canopy Policy Project,” showcasing the captivating works of local artist Brandon Clarke. This exhibition, presented at Green Space Miami (7200 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33138) will run until August 2024. “Under a Simple Tree: The Canopy Policy Project” delves into the essence of community, drawing inspiration from the shade of trees where people gather, play, and find solace.

A shade tree is a large tree whose primary role is to provide shade in the surrounding environment due to its spreading canopy and crown, where it may give shelter from sunlight for people who seek comfort. This show will showcase the neighborhood trees of Miami-Dade while sharing the stories that connect them to their communities.

Through Clarke’s artwork, the exhibition highlights the significance of neighborhood trees in Miami-Dade, intertwining their stories with the communities they inhabit. Hampton Art Lovers commissioned Brandon Clarke to create the artwork for “Under a Simple Tree,” selecting him for his unique ability to capture the essence of Miami’s trees through his conceptualized style of art. As an artist and architect, Clarke employs various mediums and styles, infusing his pieces with authenticity and provoking viewers to contemplate their identities.

Clarke’s mixed media works for this exhibition include natural fibers, leaves, and bark, offering a multi-dimensional experience for visitors. Through his art, he invites viewers to ponder fundamental questions about identity and community.

Christopher Norwood, Curator and Cofounder with Hampton Art Lovers, remarked,” ‘Under a Simple Tree’ transcends traditional art exhibitions by engaging with the community on a deeper level. Through Brandon Clarke’s work, we aim to foster meaningful conversations about the role of trees in our neighborhoods and their impact on socio-economic dynamics.”

The exhibition aligns with Green Space Miami’s mission to elevate local artists and promote cultural dialogue within Miami-Dade County. “In cities like Miami, trees play a vital role in mitigating the urban heat island effect and improving air quality,” stated Christopher Norwood. “‘Under a Simple Tree’ not only celebrates the beauty of nature but also prompts us to consider the environmental and social implications of tree canopy disparities.” In addition to showcasing Clarke’s artwork, “Under a Simple Tree” incorporates oral histories collected from various Miami neighborhoods, shedding light on the intersection of climate change, socio-economics, and community resilience.

The exhibition aims to spark conversations about environmental justice and empower communities to advocate for equitable tree policies. In cities like Miami, asphalt and cement absorb heat quickly; they release captured heat into the air for hours, even after the sun disappears, contributing to the “urban heat island effect.” A well-placed tree, on the other hand, can keep a building 18 degrees cooler than if it were fully exposed to the sun. In Miami-Dade, areas with a median household income of over 70k dollars per year have a more significant percentage of shade. As a result of the low tree canopy, low-income neighborhoods experience higher temperatures and, therefore, more public health concerns.

Through artistic expression, community engagement, and policy advocacy, Hampton Art Lovers will strive to foster a deeper connection between individuals and their environment through art and storytelling.

About Hampton Art Lovers:

Hampton Art Lovers promotes African American Fine Art and fosters cultural understanding through exhibitions and educational initiatives. As advocates for Black arts, Hampton Art Lovers seeks to amplify the voices of artists whose creativity enriches communities and inspires dialogue. https://www.hamptonartlovers.com/

About Green Space Miami:

Green Space Miami, a Green Family Foundation Trust project, is a platform for showcasing Miami’s diverse artistic talent. Through exhibitions and educational programs, Green Space Miami supports local artists and celebrates the rich cultural heritage of Miami-Dade County. For more information about “Under a Simple Tree: The Canopy Policy Project,” please visit Hampton Art Lovers’ website or contact the gallery directly. https://greenspacemiami.org/

About Brandon Clarke:

Brandon Clarke is a second-generation artist whose vibrant paintings reflect his grandmother’s influence and his unique perspective. With a background in architecture, Clarke’s art explores self-awareness and cultural growth through bold colors and abstract forms. His mixed media approach allows viewers to interpret his work through their own experiences, inviting them to engage with the narratives he creates. www.brandonclarkeart.com.

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