Help Miami Seaquarium name an orphaned baby manatee

Help Miami Seaquarium name an orphaned baby manatee

Miami Seaquarium staff members feed the presently unnamed baby manatee.

As the park commemorates its 60th anniversary of rescue and rehabilitation efforts, Miami Seaquarium welcomes the newest addition to the park’s family — an orphaned baby manatee.

You can help Miami Seaquarium name the female baby manatee by voting for your favorite name. Now through Aug. 14, people can go to and vote for one of the following names: Elle, Emoji, Gigabyte, Junebug and Prodigy. The name that receives the most votes will be the winning name. The baby manatee name will be announced on Aug. 17.

The orphaned baby manatee was rescued on June 19 from Outer Clam Bay in Naples. The baby manatee was observed without a mother for an extended period of time. As a result, the baby was rescued and brought to Miami Seaquarium where she is receiving the necessary care. She will be bottle fed until she’s able to eat on her own. The baby manatee currently weighs 77 pounds and is 130 cm long. She is in good condition.

As part of the Manatee Rescue and Rehabilitation Partnership (MRP), the Miami Seaquarium is an acute care rehabilitation facility that provides lifesaving medical care to rescued manatees. The MRP is a cooperative group of non-profit, private, state, and federal entities who work together to monitor the health and survival of rehabilitated and released manatees.

Miami Seaquarium, South Florida’s most popular tourist attraction, is a family- oriented marinelife park open to the public 365 days a year. More information on Miami Seaquarium is available at

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2 Comments on "Help Miami Seaquarium name an orphaned baby manatee"

  1. Anna Louise Fulks | August 10, 2015 at 12:16 pm | Reply

    For the orphaned manatee. . . I suggest Maddie the Manatee for a name.

  2. Rescued???? You guys are horrible Let the Manatee go!! Send it back to the west coast to be re-acclimated with it's real family. Please do not out it in that horrible tank you call expectable,

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