Joe Carollo Just Got Nailed

Joe Carollo
Grant Miller, Publisher

Joe Carollo, to quote Jimmy Buffet, was just caught naked in the crosswalk in the middle of the week.

Carollo has five code violations on his Coconut Grove home for construction work done without permits.

That’s according to employees from the City’s code compliance, building and public works departments. The Miami Herald reported the violations after an inspection of his home Monday.

Now we know that Carollo is a “fraud”, as businessman Bill Fuller declared at his new conference last week, and a lawbreaker. The City of Miami unmasked the corrupt crusader for what he is – a bully who attacked others for doing exactly what he is doing.

Ball & Chain owner Fuller, the Little Havana businessman who has been the prime target of Carollo’s selective code enforcement charade, originally pointed out the violations.

Since he came back into power after a long exile in the City of Doral, Joe has been using the City’s building inspectors as a blunt instrument, hammering away at his perceived enemies.

He staked out the valet parking concession for Ball & Chain, a popular tavern in the City of Miami, at night and sent building inspectors to go after any property owned by Ball & Chain’s owner, Bill Fuller.

As we reported earlier, Fuller and his associates put together a package of violations at the house that Carollo owns in Coconut Grove. (Joe supposedly lives in an apartment in District 3, but only a few folks believe its more than a mail drop so he could run for office.)

They gathered the permit history on Joe’s house and pictures from public records and a drone. A sole inspector was sent out on last Friday and she found nothing, much to Crazy Joe’s relief.

Nothing to see here. Move along. Move along.

Evidently, Miami City Manager Emilio Gonzalez wasn’t satisfied with that initial report and a squadron of inspectors was dispatched to Coconut Grove.  They found five violations: protected trees cut without permission; and no permits for work on concrete pavers, a rooftop deck, a carport, and installation of a wood lattice.

Joe Carollo

All of these required that Joe apply for — and pay for — building permits.

Somehow and someway, Miami’s Code Enforcement Guardian Angel forgot to get the required permits and follow the law.

Joe blames it on his lawyer.  The unnamed barrister supposedly told Joe that he didn’t have to follow the City of Miami building code.  It was all magically covered by county and state code, Carollo insisted.

Oh, and Joe’s miffed that a second crew of inspectors came to his property.  Life isn’t fair, Joe.

Joe’s been caught doing what he blamed others doing.  A psychologist will tell you that’s a form of narcissism, a mental condition where the patient believes that the universe revolves around them and they can never suffer any blame.

The City’s going to send a notice of violation to Joe. He’s already talking about tearing everything out.  Someone, maybe that imaginary lawyer, needs to explain to Joe that he’ll still need permits to remove the violations.

Joe Carollo’s spent too much time strutting naked around the City of Miami. His cheeks are getting red. He needs to apply sunscreen to all four of them.

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  1. Justice may have been delayed until exposure by the crusading Bill Fuller and media reports, but justice may still be done to Miami’s narcissist Commissioner who flouts the City of Miami’s building code. Wake up voters!

  2. Commissioner like Joe Carollo shouldn’t be allowed to continue to serve… elected officials serving one district should live in that district for aleast 5 years… this way they know the pulse of their district….

  3. I am very happy that the Herald and the Community newspaper are both working hard to make those who are doing the community wrong accountable. I do however feel forced to defend ONE thing about good old Joe. That tree that was hacked up is a banyan, part of the ficus family. The pictures you posted in the last article show clear evidence of that tree being infected with hypoxolon canker. That tree is falling apart from the effect of this disease. I’m sure Joe didn’t care about the law, I’ve followed his career; but in THIS particular instance, the law (if he broke it) is wrong. If that was counted as an illegal removal, fines could atvtheor maximum be in the six figures. As much as I want Carollo punished for the wrongs he did, punishing him for this would set a precedent that could be applied to hinders if miami residents as this new tree disease sweeps through our town.

  4. I know Joe personally but have not seen him in quite a while. He is a decent honest man and Maybe because of this is why and the reason the people mentioned are trying to destroy him. So many of these people that are after him, also have dark secrets hidding behind political influential friends or maybe even pay for play. Joe has my support 100%. He definitely is not a liar but a man who tells the truth to ur face. That’s why he has so many enemies.

  5. Not liking the attack … especially for very small stuff on Grove home. Ball and Chain has been a nuisance for many years … just ask the neighbors! The mayor should not have played into this! And everyone needs to grow up.

  6. All politicians are corrupt, thieves and arrogant low lives. I have no respect for any elected official!

  7. The building inspector who went first should be dismissed, if not for contributing to corruption, for not doing the job properly!

  8. i cant believe this peace of crap is still around.I remember him as a back stabing, lying,coniving peace of garbage of a commissioner for the City of Miami back in the 1980th and enobody trusted him then.I cant believe that anyone would vote for him unless they are just as crooked as he is.

  9. @Pelencho Ortega: Sorry, but no, not all politicians are as corrupt as Corollo is. I don’t think democracy is over, as you imply. @ Richard N. Friedman: I don’t know why voters keep sending Corollo back, over and over again. That is where the problem lies. @Grant Miller: I’m glad someone is still doing journalism! Thank you, sir.

  10. With all due respect to Mr. Ortega and like-minded thinkers, there are many conscientious and ethical politicians and candidates. For those who make it a point to stay informed, they are not so hard to identify. Those who vilify all politicians, and thus our democratic process, who bury their heads and stay at home on election day, are largely responsible by default for the leadership we have today.

  11. Fygmo, nope he’s a tRump Republican. Lies like him, bullies like him, and is as crooked as him.

    Thank you Grant for great journalism. You would have thought that after the insanity he displayed in Doral, he would have been political toast already, not to mention throughut the campaign and prior history. It says a lot about the people who vote for him!

  12. I was born and raised in Miami and loved it until about 35 years ago. It became clear that Cubans who fled instead of fighting for Cuba moved into Miami like a cabal takeover, all covering for each other, none interested in governing for any citizens other than Cuban immigrants and their families, and if something could be accomplished either legally OR Illegally, they always preferred the latter. Stray starving dogs, horse slaughter, the insanity of Santaria being given tax exempt status for holding so called ‘religious’ animal torture sessions in neighborhood houses.. ALL of it made me thankful to have escaped to Central Florida and my only regret is that I did not make the move 20 years earlier!

  13. Great job Grant Miller! You represent true journalism and your dedication to getting the truth out benefits our community!
    To the woman who “knows joe personally”
    you need to review his record and realize how corrupt, sleazy and vindictive he is and has always been. Since you know him personally surely you also know his ex wives and girlfriends-talk to them to hear how he treats his near and dear! He is violent, vulgar and controlling and he lies every time he speaks!

  14. All corrupt politicians should be exposed and held accountable irrespective of their political party, race, original nationality or ancestry. I don’t believe in ascribing blame to Cuban immigrants for Corollo’s corruption. Hold him accountable for his conduct and not his ancestry. I hope to read about how Corollo will be held accountable for his corrupt practices, breaching the law and using the power of government as a vehicle to punish his enemies.

  15. joe carollo is a loser. plain and simple. his public, tit for tat spat with fuller as chronicled by the miami herald makes him look like a little girl, a sissy.

  16. reply: fygmo and Millie Herrera… If you identify with either party, that’s the problem. There are so many problems with saying I am always this or that and I don’t believe in the best ideas, I believe in the ideas of my party…and if you are a party you can only really think in one way. No parties (aka brain washing cults) equal free ideas and free people….that’s why it’s a party, it defines it’s self with parameters and limitations…it’s a tunnel…we are this tunnel you are that tunnel…& you can’t see the world in a tunnel. If you chain people to a party or a set of ideas, you have separatism, a cult, a prison, a chained society of thought slaves!! Fall or line or don’t identify with us. That is the exact foundation for every “ism” we have on this planet….racism, sexism, classism…narcissism, etc. Get a clue people. …the flat reality of it is, if two parties agree, then they are essentially the same…& parties merge into one. As long as their are two parties there will infinite, completely unnecessary disagreement, conflict, fighting, anger, hatred, separation, counter productiveness. It’s like putting two football teams on the field, then removing the end zones, the score board, and the clock….there’s no way to completely agree who won or when the game is over, so being bitter competitors they will just claw each other’s eyes out until everyone’s dead. Only football players have more sense, humanity and sportsmanship than politicians so they would just eventually shake hands, call it a tie and go drink a beer together.

    If you had a couch you needed moved and your friend “Tom” (remember your friend Tom from myspace) had a refrigerator he needed to moved, would you look at each other and say, well I can only move couches and Tom can only move refrigerators so I guess we’ll each just have to bust our own backs (and probably couches too) trying to do this alone? Or (if you weren’t a complete dip sh#t) you would probably say, “well I’ll help you move your couch and then you help me move my fridge and we’ll be done in no time, easy peasy. But dems and repubs could never do such a thing and will always be stuck trying to move the couch themselves..and will probably throw the refrigerator on top of the couch to stop the other person from achieving their goal…this is how absolutely stupid politics is. and then they leave us with the bill and the clean up for their own childish fight.

    Be extra kind to someone today (or everyday for that matter)…smile at someone/say hi, lend someone a hand, buy them a cupcake… and see how good you feel at the end of it. Does it make you feel better than leaving an ignorant and aggressive message against a republican/democrat on twitter…i bet it will!!


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