Joe Carollo: ‘The time is now’ for accountability

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Grant Miller

Every time corrupt individuals in Miami are dragged kicking and screaming into the sunlight, citizens benefit.

When those same elected officials are left alone it generates skepticism in the community. When it seems obvious that politicians and the powerful are able to operate under a different set of rules, it undermines our institutions.

Miami is again at that crossroads with Joe Carollo, the corrupt crusader who was exposed as a repeated violator of the law. Carollo was found to have five violations at his Coconut Grove home for work done without permits over several years.

So, while he attacked small business owners, who he suspected of disagreeing with his brand of politics, for alleged violations at their properties and intimidated city employees into sending waves of inspectors to harass them, he was violating the very same laws.

It doesn’t appear as though Carollo had applied and received permits for pavers or a rooftop deck and who-knows-what-else over 20 years.

Joe Carollo

The Miami city manager and other elected officials of the Magic City are now at that crossroad. Will they hold their bully colleague accountable and assure the residents that the rules apply to all. Or will they find a way to let Carollo off the hook because he has power or intimidates them.

The appointed and elected leadership need to address the following questions to restore faith among the residents of Miami:

• City officials will tell you he has got 30 days to address the violations. So, the bell tolls for him next week— right?

• Or, are city officials protecting Joe Carollo, giving him more time than a typical resident to clean up his mess?

• Is he facing fines for illegally trimming a banyan ficus?

• Are inspectors being sent to the house day in and day out to make sure he is meeting city building codes?

•Is he using a licensed contractor to do the work?

• Has he submitted plans to the city?

• Why would he act any different with a city manager he loathes and wants to fire?

• And, how do we know the city manager is following up on the violations and making the process as transparent as possible? We don’t.

Residents are losing faith again in City of Miami officials to protect the interests of the public after they watched as Joe Carollo attack staffers and members of the public from the dais time and time again.

As Mayor Francis Suarez used to proclaim :“THE TIME IS NOW.” The time is now to hold Carollo accountable. The time is now to restore trust in our public institutions. The time is now to do what is right.

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  1. Who are the nincompoops who keep putting Joe in office? Is his line of bull so persuasive that people are fooled into believing his schtick? We definitely don’t have some of the most intelligent voters in Miami. Duhhhh!

  2. Why is this man, or anyone, NOT living in the district they represent, get to do so?! This, is just one the things that must change. The other, Carrollo must go!

  3. Grant, it’s great to have an old school muckraker like you from the Upton Sinclair, Lincoln Steffens, Ida Tarbell and Jacob Riis school of journalism.

    There is no stench greater gagging the throat of the body politic than the gas expelled from a putrescent politician like Joe Corollo.

    So corrupt is he the townsfolk should tar and feather him, or ride him out on a rail like Homer Stokes. Instead, Joe cows and bullies the innocent people of Miami like the tin horn despot he thinks himself to be; a Fidelito with only the satrapy of Miami to lord over, rather than an entire island, like he wishes he could.

    Please keep shining the light investigative journalism up Crazy Joe’s ass until he burrows back into his cucaracha hole, never to be seen again.

  4. It is sad to watch how the city of miami faces a housing problem where citizens are attack for doing maybe deck or terrace. People in office do not follow the same laws that we do. At the same time why would you ask for permits when it takes month if not years to do the right thing. The miami dade county department of code and violation should have employee or more staff trying to get thing done for the people that are trying to do it the right way. If it takes month to get a simple permit is almost as if the city encourage their citizens to do the ilegal. The inspectors when the come they come with word of failing you and discourage you like they were doing you a favor for coming snd giving you a permit like my taxes don’t pay their salary. Bottom line was Joe aware of the failing process and that’s why he choose what millions of citizens do the ilegal way because is the quick and efficient way.?????

  5. I just don’t understand how he keeps getting elected. He has been trouble for Miami for years. All he does is create chaos, I don’t think he has really contributed anything to our community.

  6. There is no one in City government who cares because Everyone in The City Miami Government is corrupt.
    Everyone is or has been For Sale.
    Bigger problem is the State Atty Office which has covered up For people like Joe Carollo for many years.
    Any true investigation into the goings on at The City would easily uncover multiple violations, no one cares.
    Ask Al CRESPO.

  7. Many of the questions you pose in your article (i.e. did crazy Joe pull permits, hire a licensed contractor, get fined, etc.) can be answered via a Public Records Request under Chapter 119 Florida Statutes. I hope that you will not pass up the opportunity to inquire further. PS Keep up the good work on exposing the hypocrisy of this goon in a suit.

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