MDX, Promises Made – Promises Kept

It seems like construction is never ending in roadways improvements in Miami-Dade, but if we look closely, the main project that MDX is working on SR 836, the Dolphin Expressway results in a different story.

Usually projects of this magnitude take 15 to 20 years to plan, design and eventually build. The improvements to the oldest segment of the Dolphin, built 50 years ago, was planned, designed and is being constructed in a span of 4 years. Although it may sound a long time, infrastructure projects seldom are delivered in less than 8 to 10 years. MDX’s strongest suit is its capability of moving fast and delivering what it promises in a quick and efficient manner, and that is exactly what it is doing.  That is why Miami-Dade partnered with MDX to deliver projects like the Central Boulevard, the entrance to the Miami International Airport, and the Dolphin Station and Park and Ride in West Dade.

On the Dolphin, MDX is delivering what it promised 4 years ago to the community it serves. The Dolphin, the busiest and most important expressway in the MDX network, is the heart and centerline of Miami-Dade County, serving Doral and West Dade, the Airport and the Health and Judicial District as well as Port Miami. It moves people and this community’s economy. 

With a completion date of summer of 2019, the project already has met major milestones such as the opening of the innovative Divergent Diamond Interchange at 27th Avenue, the right hand exit to the new direct flyover for drivers traveling eastbound to the Miami International Airport, and the Divergent Diamond Interchange at 57th Avenue which recently opened.   In spring the widening of the media will be completed to include the dedicated special lanes to be used for the MDX operated Express Bus Service. 

A big thanks goes to the driving public which day in and day out has been experiencing the disruptions that roadway construction brings. But the end is coming to a close with results of reduced congestion, improvement of safety and a contribution to the SMART Plan with the MDX operated Bus Express Service.

MDX’s commitment to providing options to travel are targeted to those that drive their cars to work every day. The MDX Bus Express Service route will initially commence at the Dolphin Station Park and Ride, a transportation hub west of the Turnpike and north of NW 12 Street where local buses and trolleys from neighboring municipalities will converge to provide back up to this new service on the Dolphin.

“MDX’s construction of special lanes for express bus service delivers on its commitment to provide mobility options for daily commuters,” said Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos A. Gimenez.

These improvements, and more to come, ensure Miami-Dade keeps pace in the mobility race being driven by the area’s vibrant, job-rich community – without raising taxes for non-users.

“Our gratitude goes to the users of the MDX system that have supported the financing of these improvements and we thank them for their patience during these trying construction times”, said Javier Rodriguez, MDX Executive Director. “One thing you can count on, MDX is delivering and will continue to deliver on every commitment that it has made to this community.” said Rodriguez. 

These is more to come. For those living to the west and southwest areas of Miami-Dade, now that the last public hearing for the Kendall Parkway or Southwest Extension of SR 836 took place, MDX officials are moving into the next phase of preparing for permits and preliminary development of the project. This will give way to the start of construction of this new multi-use corridor that only will provide relief and finally accessibility to the 600,000 residents of Kendall and West Kendall. The Bus Express Service will also then be connected to Southwest Miami-Dade along with the incorporation of a shared-use path for cycling, joggers, and other non-motorized uses.

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2 Comments on "MDX, Promises Made – Promises Kept"

  1. MDX perhaps should focus their attention on coordinating the extension of I-95 from it’s existing terminus to Florida City.

  2. BarefootMailman | January 28, 2019 at 8:57 pm | Reply

    MDX and County Commissioners didn’t keep their promises to South Dade with MetroRail extension that we voted on and approved and voted on and approved the additional Tax that we have been paying out for years now. Shame on all of you !!!

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