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Those among us who have good problem solving skills are often the same people who become successful entrepreneurs, inventors and thought leaders. Andrew Carricarte honed his decision-making process to a razor’s edge while leading U.S. Army paratroopers in combat in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq, where the stakes were life and death.

As soon as he returned home to Miami, Carricarte focused his analytical thinking in a completely different direction. Seeing huge problems and gaps in solutions available for the way cruise lines manage their operations, Carricarte founded and launched Tritan Software in 2014. The company’s cutting-edge suite of health and safety management software platforms has revolutionized how the cruise and commercial maritime industries manage, store, share and protect their information.

“Cruise ships are like floating cities, and their environment is very unique with the many complex demands of managing people and vessels operating across the world,” explains Carricarte.  “After studying the industry and working with experts, we designed an entirely new suite of software platforms that enabled them to better manage their operational challenges while being able to gain fleet-wide visibility and analytics.”

Today, Tritan Software platforms are used by more than 95 percent of the cruise industry, which had an economic impact of almost $53 billion on the United States’ economy in 2018. The company has also expanded with servicing commercial vessels and is headquartered in Miami with an international office in Cork, Ireland.

One area where Carricarte’s team found the industry needed help was in health and care management. There was previously no streamlined, centralized system to manage, store and share this information, whether it be seasickness or a heart attack requiring a shoreside disembarkment. Nor were there medical systems for staff to care for patients or interact with shoreside personnel, including the challenges of exchanging the information in accordance with HIPAA and GDPR guidelines.

“Every ship has a mini hospital on board and almost all of the world’s various health compliance requirements are managed and reported through SeaCare, including COVID-19 and the Center for Disease Control & Prevention compliance requirements.” says Carricarte.Some cruise lines collectively see more patients than hospital groups and have been well-versed in caring for crew and guests since long before the pandemic. Our software experiences millions of patient encounters annually and provides an ecosystem for them to help manage and connect every aspect of care onboard and shoreside, across numerous global entities.” continued Carricarte.

“Cruise lines are critical to the economic well-being of Florida and 90% of the world’s goods are moved by water via commercial ships. Our mission is to provide software that helps safeguard the lives onboard these ships. How to assist them to resume sailing is what keeps me awake at night.”

Most recently, Tritan Software announced that they will deploy virtual telehealth features to all of their clients at no cost during the pandemic period to help them navigate the unprecedented challenges of COVID-19. This will allow for contactless virtual cabin visits and consultations with shoreside specialists via secure video, voice and chat in accordance with recommendations of the WHO and CDC.

Tritan Software has also launched other platforms that are revolutionizing the maritime industry. One is known as SeaSafe, the industry’s most innovative safety management system which enables vessel operators to manage all aspects of safety regarding maritime regulatory requirements and operating vessels worldwide. This includes the tracking and analytics so the organization can transition to a prevention-based safety approach by leveraging the latest in technology and business intelligence. Another is SeaEvent which allows for the effective management, reporting and analysis of incidents across the spectrum of fleet operations concerning areas of health, environmental, safety, quality, security and technical areas while performing investigations and root cause/corrective action determinations.

Lastly, SeaSync is a groundbreaking and proprietary technology that enables ships to aggregate and exchange information while at sea. “Communications at sea remain challenging and intermittent. This has historically created significant obstacles for systems and technology onboard,” says Carricarte. “Tritan Software has developed several patents around technology that enables us to do this in a manner that provides the highest levels of quality and accuracy in the industry.”

In the future, Carricarte sees great opportunities for Tritan Software to further expand work with sea ports and the commercial side of the industry, including cargo ships and tankers. Though commercial vessels and ports have fewer people than cruise ships, they have the same critical need and challenges regarding managing the health and safety of their personnel.

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