New book presents two different stories that will teach children valuable lessons


New book presents two different stories that will teach children valuable lessonsLocal co-authors Mabel Moyano and Daniella Barbery invite young readers to learn about self-reliance and celebrate cultural differences in Learning to Be Oneself (published by iUniverse). This book presents two different stories about young boys seeking solution to their difficult problems without adult help in order to fit in their new world.

The first, “Good Providence,” is based on a story told by Moyano’s father. Set on a tiny farm in the countryside of old Spain, it follows Peter on an unexpected solo journey to take his family’s vegetables to market. He must call upon their Good Providence for help as he faces an unforeseen obstacle. Will Peter learn to rely on his inner wisdom in enough time to solve his big problem?

The second story, “Sarah and Ravi,” is inspired by Barbery’s students. It follows Ravi, who finds himself adjusting to a new country and third grade. Unfortunately, he does not know much about the American culture.

While his teacher discusses the Thanksgiving holiday, Ravi is mentored by a fellow student, Sarah, who teaches him about the traditions of this special day. After Ravi tells Sarah about a similar celebration in his homeland of Sri Lanka, their two cultures soon intertwine in a beautiful celebration of acceptance.

Learning to Be Oneself offers a unique approach to teach children valuable lessons on courage, independence and appreciating differences. When asked what they want readers to take away from the book, the authors say, “To find all the gifts that each person has within himself or herself, that helps to solve ‘difficult’ problems.”

Learning to Be Oneself by Mabel Moyano and Daniella Barbery is available in softcover and e-book at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

About the authors
Mabel Moyano graduated at the Escuela de Bellas Artes in Buenos Aires, Argentina, as an art teacher. She completed a Bachelor of Science in education at the University of Miami. Years later, studying at Florida International University in Miami, she received a Master of Science in bilingualism.

Daniella Barbery was born in Santiago, Chile, with a very low vision. Despite her obstacles, she studied at the Instituto Chileno Britanico de Cultura, where she graduated in English pedagogy. Years later in Miami, she graduated from Florida International University with a Bachelor of Arts in English as a foreign language (ESOL) and translator of Spanish and English. She also completed the Montessori Methodology Certification at the Alexander Montessori School.

Today, Barbery is a tutor of foreign students.

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