New foundation on the Miami scene working to bring attention to the drug and alcohol addiction epidemic.



scan-4Those who were lucky enough to know Christina “Tina” Dailey from the start can attest to how obvious it was that she was someone special. Her vibrancy, sharp intellect, undefeatable sense of humor, independence and unrelenting love of life made it even more shocking and surreal when she passed away in November of 2014 from an overdose.

Vilma Dailey and her husband Richard have been residents of south Miami for more than 40 years, living in Coral Gables, Key Biscayne, Pinecrest and South Miami. They raised their Tina and her sisters in a loving environment, sending them to exceptional schools and supporting their interests.

After the passing of her beloved second-to-youngest daughter, Tina’s mother, Vilma Dailey, could have allowed circumstance to defeat her spirit or may have hardened her heart. Instead, several months after Tina’s passing, Vilma found herself sitting on a bench at The Jane Forman Tennis Academy’s courts where she plays tennis, and she realized she wanted to fight back in the best way, to help prevent even just one family from having to suffer the anguish of losing a loved one to an overdose.

Since that revelation, Vilma has channeled an almost tireless energy into establishing The Tina Dailey Foundation, a recently launched charitable organization that seeks to help those struggling to maintain sobriety and to offer support and understanding to their loved ones, all in honor of Tina’s memory. The efforts of the foundation additionally are aimed at eliminating the stigma that surrounds addiction; until people can speak freely and openly about.

The “Dailey girls” were taught to be accountable, to be solid citizens, to take an interest in their community, politics and the world at large, to listen and to think critically. Tina not only excelled in all of these but also thrived in sports and physical activity, academics and her great passion: fashion. She also was gifted at finding joy in life and in making others smile or laugh. While the Tina Dailey Foundation focuses on actively making a difference, the board of directors always ensures that the foundation does so in a way that honors Tina, her spirit and what she believed in.

scan-7The Tina Dailey Foundation’s mission is to assist, as an agent of change, in improving the future for those who struggle with alcohol and drug addiction, as well as provide strength for family members and friends who support them. Education, removal of stigma and hope are deeply interwoven at the core of The Tina Dailey Foundation.

As a new organization, The Tina Dailey Foundation is working diligently to get word out to those who can support them in their mission. The foundation launched a website – – a few months ago as well as a presence on Facebook and Instagram. A bi-weekly blog, Tina’s Topics, recently kicked off in which the foundation shares personal stories, helpful insights and resources for those individuals and families struggling with sustaining sobriety after treatment.

The foundation opened Tina’s Shop, where individuals will be able to purchase fun, fashionable items (e.g. tote bags, t-shirts) while donating to the foundation’s cause. Also coming soon is a community service and internship program called Tina’s Ambassadors, designed specifically for our youth. Teens will gain knowledge on addiction, stigma, overdose and the difficult choices they may face.

On January 14th, 2017, The Tina Dailey Foundation encourages the community to come out for their first annual event in honor of Tina – Tina’s Sunset Fete on the Beach – a casual and fun occasion reflective of Tina’s laid back, joie de vivre style at The Key Biscayne Beach Club.  Members of the foundation will run in the Miami Marathon and Half Marathon in Tina’s honor, to raise awareness of the foundation’s mission and to honor the beautiful women who inspire them: the one who is no longer with us on this earth and the one who channeled her grief into making a positive difference.

If you are interested in supporting The Tina Dailey Foundation, join them for Tina’s Sunset Fete, participate in the Miami Marathon or Half Marathon, visit their website, sign up for their newsletter, share their blog, follow them on social media, make a fun purchase from Tina’s Shop… and please donate.

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  1. A great way to let Tina’s spirit live on to help the many young adults,parents,friends,brothers,sisters,cousins
    to learn more about the devastating disease
    of addiction. The public needs to be educated
    on the topic and how to help prevent it or how to
    treat it. Vilma has taken this tragedy and turned it
    into something of hope for others and there families.
    My hat is off to her!?

  2. I would most luv to be a part of this vision. I similarly work with recovering addicts trying to get the word out. Because I work in Overtown I see first hand the epidemic of ODs up close

  3. I will be willing to volunteer for this great cause. I know what addiction is I lived it thru my older son. Thank God he has recovered before it was too late????


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