Overall wellness includes body, mind and The Healing Soup

Anita B Castano is pictured with some of The Heling Soup she packages the old-fashioned way in mason jars.
Overall wellness includes body, mind and The Healing Soup
Anita B Castano is pictured with some of The Heling Soup she packages the old-fashioned way in mason jars.

They say soup is good for the soul and that it possesses a healing power that can only be explained by scientists and, of course, our loving mothers.

From nourishment to weight loss, to detoxify the body and to boost the immune system, soup is the staple you can’t live without, regardless of the warm Florida weather.

We hear the famous Dr. Oz speak about healing soups, and now South Florida has its very own expert. Anita B Castano, founder of The Healing Soup, has been perfecting her recipes for the past eight years and now has made her soups available for purchase via her online store.

It all started when she herself was healing from one of life’s redirections, and began putting together ingredients that were nourishing and that would support her dietary restrictions.

“I created the soups during a time when I needed to focus on healing and my kids needed the benefits of vitamins and minerals,” Anita said. “I wanted to find a way to give my kids more veggies in a simple way and in turn they became my taste testers.”

Anita, a certified safety food manager, credits the delicious flavors to that of her daughter Sophie, 11, and her son Roy Jr., 14, who loves adding croutons to his tomato soup.

The Healing Soup offers four different flavors of soup with a fifth flavor in development. Each soup has an intentional healing purpose derived from its natural ingredients and are preserved in 16 ounce, all-season mason jars using the old-school method of pressure canning so that the soup stays fresh, doesn’t lose taste and is free of preservatives.

The therapeutic value does not decrease prior to opening and the jar can live on your shelf for 16 months without refrigeration while still containing the same level of health benefits from the moment is was homemade by Anita. The most popular is the delicious Carrots & Pumpkin combo that contains ginger, celery and garlic. It will leave you feeling full, but will cleanse the body of toxins and work as a great ally to lose belly fat.

Other soups include Lentil Goodness, Bloody Mary Tomato and Brain Power. Anita is currently developing an additional soup, with its main ingredient consisting of beetroot, and hopes to release it soon.

Anita has found that her Lentil Goodness soup has been comforting and healing for her friends and clients that have been diagnosed with cancer. It’s ingredients of red lentils and turmeric offer a great source of protein and anti-inflammatory and detoxifying factors that aid in fighting the disease while also nourishing the body.

Described as a source of love and inspiration, Anita focuses on general health and well being through a holistic healing approach that includes the practices of yoga, meditation and cooking. Clients reach out to Anita not just for her soups, but also for her guidance in self love, healing and wellness.

“My goal is to help others be more conscience of the food they feed their body and to inspire them to eat right and love themselves,” Anita said.

All flavors of The Healing Soup are vegan, non-gmo and cater to those with dietary restrictions that include gluten and lactose intolerance and the popular Keto diet.

Each bottle of this healthy soup is available online and starts at $7.95. If you make an order of four or more jars, you will receive a discounted price of $6 per jar. For more information and to purchase The Healing Soup, visit www.thehealingsoup.us or reach out to Anita B Castano at info@thehealingsoups.us.

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