Pop-up Strip Joint at Bayfront Park – Where’s Joe?!


Publisher Grant Miller exposes Commissioner Joe Carollo’s blind eye to the truth at Bayfront Park… a floating strip club for Super Bowl LIV!

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  1. What’s wrong with strip clubs? Last time I checked the women working there were glad to be raking in the $$. Why the outrage over a temporary one on a ship without a peep about Stir Crazy right in your backyard in Pinecrest? Too many voters and readers go there I guess.

  2. Bringing down over 100 employees from out of state , to stay in Miami hotels, eat at Miami restaurants, that will be spending millions of dollars here in Miami is now considered humane trafficking because it is adult industry related? Please explain. If it was the local downtown stripclub that lines the pockets of the city politicians, called E11even, would this still be an issue and get this type of Media coverage?


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