Reclaimed water project a win for everyone

Environmental Specialist Mary Jo Hernandez monitors water quality at the Turkey Point Clean Energy Center

One thing this pandemic has highlighted for me is the importance of our beaches and water to the vibrancy of Florida’s economy, culture and spirit. That is why I am thrilled to see the County’s plan to send millions of gallons of treated wastewater to Florida Power & Light for recycling and reuse instead of keeping the status quo, which includes disposing of hundreds of millions of gallons of treated sewage water into the ocean each and every day. Those daily discharges to the ocean can impact water quality throughout the region. It is an outdated and unsustainable practice. I applaud the County for taking this step toward treating, reclaiming and using this wastewater.

County Commissioners can take an important step toward protecting the health of our environment and the local community by moving forward when it comes before the Commission this month. The project leverages proven technology, making it a low-risk way to help protect our water resources, while investing in the production of clean, reliable energy for our growing region.

Jerry Paul, Executive Director of the Energy Information Center

I also applaud FPL for thinking outside the box to consider changing their current operations for the long-term benefit of the region. The utility currently uses groundwater in cooling towers to cool the natural gas unit at the Turkey Point Clean Energy Center in Homestead. Their innovative decision to switch to treated wastewater, as they did in a while back in Palm Beach County, is the right thing to do for the long-term benefit of our environment and our groundwater resources.

All long journeys start with a single step, and this is would be a big step in the right direction for our environment. By approving this project, the County wins by helping protect the environment; FPL wins by protecting our groundwater resources; and FPL customers like me win by being a part of this public-private partnership. Perhaps the biggest winners are the future generations who will benefit from the actions we take today to protect the health of our community and environment for tomorrow.

Jerry Paul

Energy Information Center

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  1. If FPL is involved we know it’s a scam and bad for Florida.
    Absolutely nothing the crooks that control FPL does is good for its customers.
    They have been deceitful from the start about their cooling problems at this plant. This plant creates numerous externalities that FOL refuses to pay for. Plus we already pay a surcharge on our bill granting FPL A FREE LOAN TO EXPAND TGIS MALFUNCTIONING and polluting facility.
    Why are you supporting this fraud without any input from citizen voices in the article?
    Environmental groups have been criticizing this for years

  2. Citizen, I met and spoke to Jerry Paul at a hearing in Homestead which was open for public comments, and dealt with an application by FPL for more nuclear reactors. I am one of those environmentalists that are opposed. Google Jerry Paul’s name and you’ll have answers to all of your questions. He is a staunch proponent of nuclear power plants, and his career has always been based on nuclear power plants. Wants to give them everything they ask for. FPL has wrought tremendous destruction to the natural environment!!! 😲

  3. Btw, does everyone understand that this is water that comes from raw sewage? If it isn’t purified enough, it will cause even more environmental nightmares. There will have to be strict standards and oversight! What agency will provide the most effective aznd and stringent oversight??? There is never any mention of this issue. Whatever agency it is, will have to have teeth, otherwise this project will do untold harm! Without such oversight, I have no trust in a good outcome.😳


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