Republican Women to conduct rally in opposition to socialism

Republican Women to conduct rally in opposition to socialism
Republican Women to conduct rally in opposition to socialism
FRWND Executive Board members (l-r) Jane Muir, Maite Bocanegra, Ada Fennell, and Maricel Cobitz.

Members of the Federation of Republican Women of North Dade (FRWND) are organizing a rally to take place in opposition to the first Democratic National Committee debates, June 26 and 27, at the Arsht Center in Downtown Miami, featuring 20 of the candidates seeking the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination.

As a political organization, FRWND facilitates cooperation among Republican Women’s Clubs in the state of Florida, while focusing on informing the electorate through education and activities, supporting campaigns, and sharing information about elections with the public.

The organization is billing the event as a “Rally for Americans Opposing the Wave of Socialism in the 2020 Presidential Campaign.” It will include members of the FRWND, prominent local Republican leaders such as former Hialeah Mayor Julio Martinez, and members of the general public who support the Republican Party.

For start times and gathering-point information, visit or call 786-265-9990. For general information, send an email to chapter president Maricel Cobitz at

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  1. I think the Democrats best distinguish, with exacting zeal and quick, what they mean when introducing “socialism” into their campaigns so that the public comes to understand it better. It seems the Repubs are making every effort they can to equate socialism with communism (they are interchangeable in some ways) and if the Dems don’t wake up pronto, the Repub equation is going to stick. The Dems, Independents and those actually identifying as Socialist for that matter should make every effort to – at every rally & every opportunity before the public no matter the repetition – to explain their identification with socialism and what it means to them. As far as I see it, I get it – I believe they aren’t advocating the end of capitalism as we know it but simply attempting to make capitalism work for all and not just for those who are born with a silver spoon in their mouth! There is such a thing as democratic socialism – it works in other countries – why can’t the Dems make it clear that what they actually envision is more akin to a capitalistic socialism, in other words, a capitalistic system that has a human heart at its core and that heart is RED not GREEN?! I like how the Repubs will take their Social Security benefits and Medicare coverage and defend it to the death yet turn around and say socialism is to be condemned. The Dems don’t want a dictatorship and collective ownership of business; I believe they simply want to find a way for our capitalistic system to embrace and assist all people who live within it.

  2. If they had any brains they would be protesting fascism and imperialism but modern day Republicans seem to love everything that’s wrong with our country. They must all be part of the elite 1% that prospers at the expense of the 99%. You can have capitalism or you can have democracy but you can’t have both because they’re not compatible with each other. Under capitalism the interests of the bourgeoisie(capitalist class) are always in conflict and opposition to the interests of the working class, small local businesses, and the peasantry. Under capitalism transnational corporations seek to maximize profits at everyone else’s expense with no regards for people’s individual rights or the rights of other animal species and no regard for the environment, public safety, or public health. Capitalism leads to fascism because industry acts in collusion with governmental authorities to keep the people under their control both physically and mentally.

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