Shalala Warns Against Withdrawing CARES Funding


Congresswoman Shalala (FL-27) issued the following statement in response to a letter sent yesterday by Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell announcing that he will comply with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin’s request to return unused CARES Act funds:

“Yesterday, almost 200,000 Americans tested positive for COVID-19 and the number of cases continues to rise. Returning the CARES Act money to the Treasury now is not just reckless, it is dangerous. These funds were allocated by Congress to protect American businesses, state and local governments, and the millions of workers they employ from collapsing under the weight of this crisis. We cannot abandon this safety net just as this crisis appears to be at its worst.

“The Federal Reserve has no obligation to comply with Secretary Mnuchin’s request. I urge Chairman Powell to side with America’s families, entrepreneurs, communities and workers and reconsider his decision.”

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  1. Congresswoman Shalala, I voted for you. First time I was wary because of your part in the sale of the Miami Pine Rockland. I still view that as a terrible, tragic mistake. We have enough big box stores, as well as far too much density in general.
    As for pine rockland, there are only a few tiny patches left.
    In spite of my misgivings, I believed that you were far superior to your opponent as to representative of my concerns.
    You have done a great job, and I dread the consequences of your opponent’s victory.
    Please remain a valuable and active voice for our district. We need to keep a close eye and ear on the words and actions of our new incoming representative. It is my hope that you will be invited to speak at many venues and maintain a high profile. You can help us to maintain a check on your successor.

    • hear hear Antoinette. We too were furious & despondent at the sale of Miami Pine Rocklands. Ms Shalala has participated admirably in the South Florida community. Her commitments to the people and our institutions are well received and hard fought. We are also very sorry to see how the poison of mis-information was able to take votes away from her. She will be missed, although I’m certain she will remain a force behind the scenes.


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