State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle Statement on massive South Miami-Dade County postal delay

Katherine Fernandez Rundle

With time running out and essential local, state and federal election issues to be decided, news of a possible postal delay in Miami-Dade County is troubling.

We are working with the Miami-Dade Department of Elections and the United States Postal Inspector’s Office to make sure that all ballots are accounted for and all votes are counted. I have offered the full resources of the State Attorney’s Elections Task Force to Elections Supervisor Cristina White and South Florida’s Special Agent in Charge of the United States Postal Inspector’s Office Antonio Gomez.

I have requested that all postal distribution centers be audited and any and all ballots that may remain in these centers be immediately transported to the Department of Elections. I further understand that administrative action was taken by the Office of the Inspector General regarding the employee’s negligence at the Princeton distribution center. I encourage all of voters to check with the Department of Elections at 305-499-VOTE (8683) or at to ensure that their ballots were received by elections.

If you have questions or concerns about the voting process, please contact my Elections Hotline at (305) 547-3300. The Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office is closely monitoring our Voter Protection Hotline. Anyone who suspects improper or irregular activities at early voting sites is urged to call the Hotline at 305-547-3300.

The State Attorney’s Office stands ready to act on every citizen’s behalf to preserve the integrity of our elections and every vote cast.

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