There’s a Mob Following Joe Carollo

Is Joe Carollo crazy… or crazy like a fox?
The new Ford F150 Raptor is an unstoppable force
Grant MIller

Joseph Stalin had the KGB. The East Germans had the Stasi. In Havana, you’re watched by both the DGI and by a coteries of abuelas sitting by street-facing windows.

In Miami, it’s Big Brother Joe Carollo and his newly created Code Enforcement Task Force.

Under the cover of reining in abuse, Commissioner Joe Carollo led the charge to create a Code Enforcement Task Force. It’s stated goal was to catch those who flout the City’s building and zoning codes and to root out those who protect them.

In reality, this Frankenstein-inspired body was an abomination designed to selectively target one political enemy, businessman Bill Fuller, electrified to life by Joe Carollo’s never-ending vindictiveness and his devilish skill for bullying compromised souls into following behind with pitchforks and torches.

As District 3 Commissioner, he has stitched together the support of his fellow commissioners and a compliant city attorney intent on saving her job, who has become more like a lab assistant named Igor.

Like angry villagers in a 1930s black and white horror movie, some in the body politic were eager to join Joe Carollo in his hunt for monsters.  Little did they realize that the monster was leading their mob.

Joe Carollo was exposed, pointing his fingers at others to avoid being caught breaking the law.

An inspection of the outside of his Coconut Grove home resulted in five violations for work done without the proper permits. The violations included the un-permitted cutting of a banyan tree.

Carollo first claimed that the City’s laws didn’t apply to him then he said he got bad advice from an attorney, who was conveniently not named. The truth is that the villagers should be outside and inside the door.

Is Joe Carollo crazy… or crazy like a fox?
Joe Carollo

The inspectors never got to go inside Joe’s house. How many more violations would they have found if they had crossed the threshold into his dungeon lair?

If there is to be a Task Force, then Joe Carollo must be first in line for scrutiny. How is the public supposed to know if the Commissioner is being required to pull the proper permits, make the necessary fixes and pay the proper fines. Who has protected Joe Carollo for 20 years from pulling a permit for construction work on his Coconut Grove home?

Government works best when it is fair. When it’s used for revenge on opponents and to favor those in power, it becomes the bride of tyranny.

The Task Force needs to go back to Carollo’s Morris Lane house. There may be 20 years’ worth of un-permitted “improvements” inside. We won’t know until the City goes over the house with magnifying glasses in hand.

If the Task Force doesn’t start with Joe Carollo, then it will be exposed as the mob following the monster.

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  1. Monty Hall played Let’s Make A Deal.
    Joe Carollo plays Let’s Make Adele.

    In the City of Miami Government, Every Single One a Criminal.

  2. Joe, is a kind hearted man, who would go out if his way to help anyone. I’m so offended and disgusted my ur nasty,negative comments about this man. U sound like CNN. Joe has my full support. All these nasty evil people going after him are not perfect and most likely have a lot of skeleton hidden in their CLOSETS. THE ONLY PROBLEM THAT JOE HAS IS THAT HE IS HONEST AND WILL TELLL YOU TO UR FACE THE TRUTH!

  3. I don’t understand how can you say Carollo is an “honest” citizen. He has proven over and over that he is not fit to lead. What still honestly amazes me is that with his past record, he still got elected.

  4. This is easy to solve. Why don’t we order the board of commissioners , since We are the people, to order an inspection quickly of Joe’s home. Joe should open the doors of his home tommorrow to prove he is in compliance with building code. Let one of the local tv channels cover this. Mr Miller will you take lead of the project?

  5. What’s done in the dark will be brought to the light. Why should Joe feel it is okay to break the codes but enforce and penalize others if the codes are not followed? Joe was wrong regardless of all the good he may have done. Stop getting upset when wrong is exposed.

  6. Miami is unique in how our “representatives” term out of one district, buy a house in another and run for office in that one. Unique is a polite way of saying corrupt. We have little patience nor respect for those who live off the public dime and then proceed to vote and live against the public’s interest. Bleah.


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