Using Mercedes-Benz’s Metris Cargo Van could have tax benefits

For those of you with a business that takes things here and there, the Mercedes-Benz Metris should be on your radar.

In these difficult times you not only get a reliable van with a Mercedes-Benz exterior, but also a bunch of added benefits. One is having the availability of $26,000 in tax deductions, which converts into about $5,500 in savings.

So you don’t have to take notes, I will lay it out the minimum requirements for the available tax deduction:
• If you bought or financed qualifying new or used business equipment during the 2020 tax year;

• Put the vehicle into service between Jan. 1 and Dec. 31, 2020;

• Used the vehicle for business more than half the time, and

• Spent less than $3.5 million on the equipment.

Another great thing about the Section 179 deduction is that you can buy more than one if you need a fleet. That’s because the cap on the total purchase is $2.5 million. That leaves a lot of room for local businesses to upgrade their one vehicle or their entire portfolio of vans.

This baby starts at $31,400, with up to 2,425 pounds of payload capacity and 199 cubic feet of cargo volume. With 13 available paints, this two-seater is going to look lean and mean on busy streets. The estimated combined mileage is about 22 miles per gallon with cargo with a horsepower of 208 and a torque of 258 pound-feet.

And as usual, it has all the bells and whistles that makes Mercedes-Benz such an iconic brand.

• Its Load-Adaptive Electronic Stability handling system intervenes to help keep the van safe and firmly under control by automatically braking individual wheels and reducing engine power to help stabilize it if wheelspin, understeer, or oversteer is detected.

• Crosswind Assisthelps you stabilize your van and boosts safety in strong, gusting winds.

This standard feature helps you make sure your vehicle remains in its lane at highway speeds.

• Attention Assist helps prevent drowsy driving by monitoring your driving patterns and giving you an early warning in case fatigue is detected.

• Hill-Start Assist can help the driver start off smoothly without rolling backward on hills with more than a 5-degree grade, maintaining brake pressure for approximately two seconds after the brake pedal is released.

• Standard features also include Collision Prevention and a Rearview Camera, which is essential when driving a commercial van.

And finally, the interest rates are as low as 2.9 percent on purchases and between $399 and $439 a month depending on the number of months for the lease.

So, give the Metris by Mercedes-Benz a drive and run the numbers. I think you will be surprised at how affordable this reliable and durable cargo van can be.

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