Marcie Gregorio, Worldwide Title CEO, provides Florida’s top real estate professionals with expert title, closing and escrow services.

For Marcie Gregorio, offering her elite-level title, closing and escrow services to clients in New York and New Jersey is like going home. 

Under her expert leadership, Marcie has expanded Worldwide Title’s reach to include New York and New Jersey, the state where she grew up. As company founder and CEO, Marcie is continuing to grow Worldwide Title, which will be operating out of Georgia and North Carolina by the end of 2019.

Marcie, who conducts business in English, Spanish and Portuguese, launched her company in 2017, after working in the real estate industry for two decades. She specializes in transactions driven by three parties: sellers, investors and end buyers, with many transactions involving all three at the same time. Worldwide Title is a title, closing and escrow expert that can navigate sophisticated transactions with ease, which is a rarity in the industry.

As part of Worldwide Title’s core suite of services, the company partners with banks, credit providers and other lenders to speed-up closings and make sure that clients meet their deadlines. As a result of its success, Worldwide Title is projected to help facilitate more than $75 million in transactions for its clients this year.

Her team includes in-house attorneys and certified public accountants (CPA). The CPAs are well versed in the Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act of 1980 (FIRPTA), which authorized the U.S. to tax foreign persons on dispositions of real property. Knowing how to apply FIRPTA is essential because foreign investment is a big part of the real estate economy in the United States, Marcie said. 

“It is thrilling work, which I am very passionate about,” Marcie explained. “We love it because we are making someone’s dream of owning a home come true.”

Marcie learned her work ethic at her parents’ Portuguese restaurant in New Jersey, where she did everything from balancing the books to washing dishes. If a customer asked for a dish that wasn’t on the menu, she would whip together a five-star meal based one of her family’s secret recipes. 

Her goal was to give the customer the best experience.

“Growing up, I learned to respond to all of the customer’s needs,” Marcie said. “Like at Worldwide Title today, I know that if a real estate professional like a banker, a CPA, an investor or a buyer gets to know, trust and like us, they are going to want to work with us. It is very exciting work.”

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