Grand Living 21 is a new Age Management Medicine facility, centrally located in Miami-Dade County in the Village of Coconut Grove.  Dr. Victor H. Espinosa, M.D. is the Medical Director at Grand Living 21 and has been a medical doctor who has been learning, teaching and training medical students, resident physicians, nurses and therapists as well as taking care of patients for over 20 years.

Dr. Espinosa was born in the Dominican Republic and raised in the United States.  He has studied and worked in Texas, Tennessee, Illinois and Florida accumulating extensive clinical and academic experience in Anesthesiology, Pain Management, Internal Medicine and Age Management Medicine.

Dr. Espinosa expertly combines Age Management Medicine techniques to obtain maximum results and excellent health for his patients.  Areas of specialty treated by Dr. Espinosa.

We Treat Low-T

At Grand Living 21 we can check all of your hormone levels, including testosterone. If you do have low testosterone it can be easily treated. Our Testosterone Restoration program includes the necessary diagnostic testing and close physician supervision for medication management. In addition our medical team will be available to assist patients at any time during therapy. Restoring testosterone levels to optimal levels can help reverse the common symptoms experienced by the aging male.

ED / PE – Sexual Health & Performance Program

Improve your performance and sex-drive. Grand Living 21 offers effective customized treatment options for sexual dysfunction while improving your overall health and athletic/ sexual performance. Customized treatment is the key to great results!

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)

BHRT can restore specific hormone levels to optimal levels reducing negative symptoms associated with hormone imbalance. A blood test will detect hormone level  and allow our physician to customize a treatment plan catered to your specific hormonal needs. Our BHRT program provides strict physician supervision with medications at an affordable price. Our team will be available to assist patients at any time during therapy.

Weight-Loss Program

Optimize fat-loss with the most advanced appetite suppresant medications to jump start your Fat Loss & Weight Loss Programs to a NEW YOU!! All programs are personalized and include ongoing nutritional counseling.

Growth Hormone Restoration Therapy

Restore optimal levels of Growth Hormone using a safer and more effective approach. We combine an effective dosage of Sermorelin (Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone) with amino acids and bio-identical hormones like testosterone to increase lean muscle tissue, reduce bodyfat, and improve overall health and longevity.

Dr. Espinosa is also ABHRT Trained in Hormonal Replacement Medicine.  WorldLink Medical, the Academy for Preventive and Innovative Medicine, has designed the ABHRT Certification to provide physicians and healthcare practitioners with the education, assessment and credence needed to practice Hormone Replacement Therapy. It develops and evaluates proficiency and competence in applying newly learned skills through written questions, case studies and demonstrations of how the skills apply in clinical settings.

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